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button to reset to auto UV

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When manipulating/merging shapes with PB, my UV ends up often completely off. In order to reset the UV of my shape to auto, I have to do the following operation quite a lot:
- select my object
- open UV editor
- select all the faces
- click "convert to auto"
- scroll down in the "Actions" panel on the left, because in auto, the panel is not tall enough to display all the info, and the panel is not resizable.


- press "Break Selected Groups"
- manually reset Offset, Rotation & Tiling to 0

And that's it, my UV are now ok. But the whole process is cumbersome.

So I was wondering if it is possible to:
- make the "Actions" panel in the UV Editor taller and/or resizable
- add a new button in the toolbar which would do all this process in just one click!




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A button to reset would be very quick to add - I'll try to fit that into the next update.

Resizing that window may be a little more involved, but I've opened a ticket to look at it.

Thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate it!

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