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create/merge/detach new ProBuilder mesh as sibling or child

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Hi guys,

I found a bit annoying that when a new PB mesh is created (through the new Shape tool, or when I merge, or when I detach some faces), it's always created at the end of my hierarchy. It's cumbersome to always have to scroll down in the hierarchy and bring back the new mesh where I want them to be. So I would love to have an option to generate new PB mesh as sibling or child of my current selection.

Here is the behavior I would love to have:

If I choose "As Child", when I create a new PB object, it would appear as child of my current selection:
pb1.png.7eb8c318fedbfad223616ffeb0548c44.png => New Shape Tool => pb3.png.cb7c21e518ef6eac29afea16478bbacc.png


When merging several objects, the new merged mesh would appear at the same hierarchy depth than my objects. If the objects were not all at the same depth, the new mesh could appear at the same depth than the deeper one.
pb7.png.83d0c0621adb23f4e3ae1c68373607ab.png => Merge => pb8.png.9a5054e57c55b2fa8f0f43da9eb7a043.png


When detaching some faces, the new mesh containing the detached faces would appear next to my object
pb9.png.c89832dbf45923c95e8491a7f84bdd80.png => Detach => pb10.png.9d8fbef1611e6ee90d06e2a0aae27b91.png

What do you think?



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Yeah, that makes sense to me. I'll create a ticket to look at adding this as a preference, but in the meantime this should already be possible using the pb_EditorUtility.AddOnObjectCreatedListener(OnProBuilderObjectCreated); callback.

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