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Being able to get off the floor

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First off, Great tool!  very cool being able to see the scale you are working in first hand.

I was wondering if you plan on adding some type of movement system to be able to get off the floor. I know this might be more of a Unity VR thing, but maybe you can fix it first?
Need to get off the floor..  :)

Also, I notice you have just the two tools right now  (Cube and move face)  do you plan on adding the ability to select vertex/lines and such?

Again, great job!!!


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We've kicked around the idea of implementing our own locomotion system, but the thought (hope) right now is that the Unity VR team is probably working on it already.  If you haven't already, I'd suggest vocalizing this request on the unity EditorVR Github issue tracker.

There are plans to expand on the feature set, no solid thoughts on when I'll get to it though!

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