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Trouble Getting ProBuilder VR with my Oculus

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 I am super excited about Probuilder VR and was trying to get it working in Unity with my Oculus. It seems to load finally but my hand controls do absolutely nothing. I have tried restarting it but Unity.exe becomes unresponsive (error in SteamVR). Any thoughts on what to try would be appreciated.



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I know it's not Oculus Rift. But I'm able to see the controllers for my HTC Vive for what's worth. I don't think this is to do with Oculus.  I would see this if I did not add the package for OpenVR into Unity though.

My process.

1. Go to Player Settings > tick box for Virtual Reality SDKs > click on + button > add in OpenVR

2. Download the related package fro the Unity Asset Store > Bring in the Prefab related to the camera rig (making sure my default camera is disabled).

Now it works and I see my controllers.

Best wishes for success in VR and ProCore tools.

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