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Hi! Nice to meet you all!

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Hi, Nice to meet everyone!

My Name is Paul and I'm working on my first Indie Title.

Iv been messing around in the world of 3D design for what seem like ages but never made anything that amounted to anything. Just hundreds of 3DS MAX and Vray renders. None of it exposed to the public though sadly. My goal is lofty but achievable I think.  That goal is to get out of Corporate technology and make enough successful games that I can quit the 9-5 and do what I want - Which is Game Design.


With ProCore - Unity - UFPS I think I can make that happen.


Its going to be a FPS similar to the Classic Dooms with a mix of the Modern Doom!


No story developement!

No Character Development!

Just Wonderful fragging till you find the exit and move to the next level.

And a few or many Multiplayer DM's.


I'm really excited to actually complete this project! I'm using ProCore to test my AI's and build the Mp levels. 

I'm using UFPS to run the mechanics.


The E1M1 tutorial was bloody amazing and pretty much covered everything I needed to finish this. I cannot express enough thanks for putting that together. The only thing I think that lacked was how to implement key acquisition and making them usable against specific doors. 

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Hi Paul! Good to have you here! Sounds like the perfect mix, and I'll definitely play that game :)


I think UFPS actually has key-card/similar available now, so that should be all taken care of for you. 


Glad you liked the E1M1 tut, working on a new one in fact! Good luck with the game dev!

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