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Selecting overlapping vertices

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I'm trying to drag select overlapping vertices so that I can collapse them but I can only select one of them. I tried going into wireframe mode but with the same result. I've seen Gabriel do this many times on his DOOM E1M1 tutorials as well as other ProBuilder videos. As of now I am manually moving the vertices aside and selecting them.



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I've been having the same issue - Workaround is to turn select hidden on temporarily or drag-select the corner in edge mode first.

With select hidden off, I'm unable to drag-select multiple vertices if they occupy the same point despite all related faces being visible towards camera.

To replicate: Create cube, Connect 2 opposing edges, move new edge to overlap an existing edge (Should look like original cube, but now has 2 duplicate vertices).  With select hidden off, try drag-selecting the overlapping vertices.  Only one gets selected for each point.

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