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Polybrush can't paint texture on ProBuilder objects

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Using Unity 5.5.0f3 (MacOs) / ProBuilder v2.6.5f0-unity55 / PolyBrush 0.9.10b0




1. Create Material, assign Shader PolyBrush Standard Texture Blend

2. Assign some textures

3. Create a new ProBuilder Cube (5x1x5)

4. Select a face

5. Assign the new material using the Material Editor

6. Open PolyBrush window, select texture painting tab

7. Start Painting .. well ... try to ...


Ends up not painting the texture; paints the two textures on top of each other, some kind of weird alpha channel mess up; starts painting other faces with strange colors.



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Some shaders in Polybrush apply texture blending in the UV3/4 channels, which is currently only partially supported by ProBuilder.  A lot of actions in ProBuilder will erase the UV3/4 channel data, which is something I'm working on cleaning up.


As a workaround you can use the "Strip ProBuilder Scripts" to make the mesh completely editable by Polybrush.

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