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Lighting Showing Through Seam

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I'm using Pro Builder Basic and found an issue when creating corners. I've tried searching the forums for a solution but without much success.


Steps to reproduce:


Starting with a basic ProBuilder cube



I extruded one face out to the side



And then extruded the face upward again, which causes the 'gap' to appear. 



From what I can tell, there isn't any actual gap in the mesh. I've played around with the lighting settings some with no success either.

The light that I'm using is the default directional light that Unity makes for a new scene.


Operating System: Windows 10 Home

Unity Version: 5.4.1f1 Personal

ProBuilder Basic Version: 2.6.1f0




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Thank you for the quick response! The first thing I tried was to change the Normal Bias to 0, unfortunately that didn't help. It fixed a few other lighting bugs I've come to expect from unity, but not this one.


I tried your suggestion of baking the lighting, which managed to fix my issue.


However, is there another possible solution to avoid baking the lighting? 

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