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Making PolyBrush a tab in Unity causes crash

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First - LOVE PolyBrush.  I use it and ProBuilder extensively in prototyping and level design, so I docked its tool window in a tab in the Unity Editor right next to ProBuilder for easy access - common stuff for most devs, right?  If I leave this tab integrated like this, Unity will crash on load the next time I try to open up my project.


The only way to get Unity to open my project is to delete the Library folder from it, forcing Unity to re-create all asset handles and project metafiles.  It's not unrecoverable, but with all of the asset packs we have, a real time-killer!


This has happened 3 times, with the only change made being the integration of PolyBrush as a tab in Unity.  Even made a new empty project to try and reproduce the error, and it happens.  Unity will load, open to a white screen, then crash within 3 seconds to the report generation dialog.


Unity Environment:

I'm using the latest PolyBrush Beta & ProBuilder from the Asset Store

Unity 5.4.0f3

Open VR - HTC Vive


System Config (if it helps):

Intel i7-4790K



Windows 10 64 bit

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