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Lag in smoothing

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Just updated 0.9.7 and lag is faster but still there.  It's like it thinks when the smooth tool is picked then when I apply the brush it works fine and then thinks a long time after releasing the brush.  This particular mesh is large.  Unity had to break it up into two meshes...first one is 36435 vests and the 2nd mesh is 17561.

I know extreme! But this is internal human anatomy i am dealing with.  The raise/lower tool works awesomely on these meshes just like on any other smaller mesh, but the smooth tool lags.


also, couldn't find release notes for the current update to see what as been updated.  Can you point me to one?



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36k isn't terribly large - that should still be fairly snappy.


You can find release notes either in the Polybrush About window (Tools/Polybrush/About) or by clicking on the "Release Notes" link in the Asset Store tab.


Just for conveniences sake here's the 0.9.7 changelog:

# Polybrush 0.9.7b0

## Features

- Significantly improve perfomance in all modes for high vertex count meshes.
- Add "Texture Blend with Vertex Color" shader.
- Add two new default meshes, a smooth and hard icosphere.
- **Texture Mode** backend rewritten entirely to allow for far more complex interactions with shader properties.  See "Writing Texture Shaders" in documentation.
- Add color mask settings to vertex color painter.

## Bug Fixes

- Improve performance of shared edge triangle lookups, fixing lengthy lags when mousing over high vertex count meshes in paint and texture modes.
- When blending multiple brushes in texture mode use the max weight instead of summing.
- Add information about setting shader paths to Hidden in Shaderforge instructions.
- In vertex sculpting modes iterate per-common index instead of per-vertex, improving brush application performance and minimizing chances of splitting a common vertex by accident.
- Minor cleanup of enum types (make sure they're namespaced & remove unused includes).
- Fix bug where script reloads would null-ify texture mode brush color and not properly reset it.
- Fix errors in brush event logic that caused OnBrushEnter/Move/Exit to be called at incorrect times with invalid targets, resulting in crashes when editing prefabs with multiple meshes with different shaders
- Fix undo throwing errors when splat_cache is null.
- Clamp radius max value to min+.001 to avoid crashes when scrolling radius shortcut with equal min/max values.
- Fix uv3/4 not applying or applying to incorrect mesh channels in ProBuilder (requires update to ProBuilder 2.5.1).
- Fix null errors when sculpting pb_Object meshes caused by FinalizeAndResetHovering iterating the same object multiple times.

## Changes

- Set default brush settings radius max to 5.
- When blending multiple brush effects use lighten blending mode instead of additive.
- Shorten ShaderForge source file suffix to "_SfSrc" (but keep compatibility for older "_SfTexBlendSrc").

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