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Preset Buttons for "Radius" and "Strength"

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Having GUI preset buttons to quickly activate for setting Radius and Strength of the brushes could save a massive amount of time during painting sessions.  Instead of constantly using the default "Shortcut: Control (Command) + Mouse Wheel" and/or "Shortcut: Control (Command) + Shift + Mouse Wheel" to approximate the exact values during rapid painting, the preset buttons are conveniently set to be precise.


The keyboard and mouse wheel shortcuts are great to have, but imagine trying to set exact values for both radius and strength over hundreds of times during a 4 hour painting session.


Example of preset button values:



Button 1 = 0.5

Button 2 = 1.0

Button 3 = 2.0

Button 4 = 3.0




Button 1 = 0.25

Button 2 = 0.50

Button 3 = 0.75

Button 4 = 1.00



Allowing the user to be able to set the preset values for each button would be awesome.


The options of having both shortcuts and GUI preset buttons would be a great feature.




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You can do this using Brush Presets.  In the Brush enum, select "New Brush" and set your parameters.  All the settings you last used will be saved to this preset.  You can save an unlimited number of presets too.

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Thank you for pointing out the current brush preset feature.  I must have overlooked this as I was hoping to select presets for only specific brush attribute settings as Radius, Strength, etc. ... separately.  The brush presets you have mentioned will do just fine, as per the ability to set unlimited times.


The preset buttons I was thinking about was more like a series of actual buttons per individual brush attribute such as radius, strength, etc.  For this, the selection process can consist of merely a single click towards a preset value of a brush attribute because all the buttons will be viewable at all times.


The current presets you've mentioned is a DropDown list, where the action required is to first click the DropDown list, and then select an element from the list, so thus all brush attribute values are inclusively required per brush preset.  Saving the possible vast combinations of Radius, Strength, and Falloff of brushes can make the DropDown list of presets quite large just to select from each time.


But, by using the proposed series of preset buttons per brush attribute, a person can craft combinations of brush attribute values on the fly, very rapidly.


These are just ideas and thoughts, as I hope it makes sense.



I'm looking forward for many more great features in the future.  Thanks again!

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