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Sending my regards from Germany

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Hey everybody!


My name is Tommy and I'm a 30 years old developer from Germany (Essen, NRW).


I've been into games and programming since my childhood, studied Digital Media Design in Cologne, Game Design in Bradford (UK), Applied Computer Science (just one semester) in Bochum and finally Game Programming in Cologne. My greatest achievement industry-wise was working on Risen 3, with the awesome folks at Piranha Bytes.


I initially learned 3D modelling with 3ds max, but now that I am no longer a student, I can't use it anymore. I never came to terms with Blender, so I got myself a copy of ProCore (actually quite some time ago). I was positively surprised how well it integrates with the Unity interface, and how quickly I was able to learn how to use it. Now I wouldn't wanna miss it.


My main focus is on game design and programming (especially Unity Editor scripts in C#). Though I'm no 2D/3D artist, and most of the 3D stuff I do is just prototyping, I really enjoy it.


In my spare time, when I'm not sitting in front of a screen, I'm playing PnP (mostly Shadowrun), and develop my own PnP System for fun.



Best regards,


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