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Save disabled state

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It's a small improvement suggestion, that will make using QuickBrush more comfortable.


Right now there is an option to disable QuickBrush drawing and when I use it, hitting CTRL does nothing which is what I want. The problem is that Brush state isn't persistent. So if I close Unity and open it, QuickBrush will reset Brush state and now ctrl activates drawing mode. Considering that most of the time I don't need to use QuickBrush and I often need to use ctrl, every time I relaunch unity I need to do extra step and disable QuickBrush drawing. So it would be awesome if QuickBrush remembered drawing mode settings.


I know that I can just completely close QuickBrush tab, but I don't like opening every time I need to use it for couple of seconds, so I like to have QuickBrush tab in my interface.

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