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[WIP] FPS cyberpunk game

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Hello guys, this is my first topic here. I'm doing a university project game - it's a first person shooter cyberpunk with RPG elements. The city is practically done, but critics and advises are very welcome and it's possible to make changes yet. I made a video, showing all the city.


You can see the video herehttps://youtu.be/2vz6XLKaagg

Notice that some meshes need a adjust in UVs yet, specially the train trail (actually, it's a aeromovel).


Here are some screenshots to se the full size of the city. I made this in less than a month - thanks to ProBuilder.

The game should be ready in July, otherwise I will not graduate hahaha


If someone wants to see more, I update my Twitter frequently: @benhurvillar







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No, just some references and concepts. I've made a prototype only with blocks before starts the real modeling... and a few sketches too, but due to the short time to make, was basically creating directly with ProBuilder.



Here are some concepts:





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Sorry for the delay to answer hahaha. We've been very busy. It was 5 weeks just to make the models of the buildings in the city (the city have 20km²). We're still working in refinement (visually and mechanically). Here are some images of the game right now. Obs.: The game is in portuguese in this version, but will be in english for release.









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