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Hello all

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Hey Peeps


My name is Luke and I'm a indie developer from south Africa. you can check out some games I've made  www.9tofriday.co.za and they are available on the iOS store. nothing really special, or so I've learned. trying to make a flappy bird knock off just won't cut it. one has to make something amazing!!! it has to feel...


Im on a journey to do just that, make something special that is. Ive recently been playing with substance painter and substance designer. And when i tested the workflow with Pro Builder i was like "WOOHOO" - adding PBR textures has never been easier - the simple texture assign works like a charm. Anyway point is that I'm really excited adding ProBuilder to my workflow.


Back to the awesome game I'm going to make with ProBuilder, Its going to be a first person quest game, where you will have to combine things in inventory and solve puzzles to progress. the only hint i will give is that the game will be about time travel, I've already said to much. lol.


i will definitely bee sharing my work on here, as i would love feedback from the community.


Thanks for having me.


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