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- Windows 10 x64

- Unity 5.2.2f1 Personal

- ProBuilder 2.4.11f0


1) If the face selection mode is activated (edge and vertex modes not tested), it's not possible to drag and drop a new material to a PB GameObject.

2) If we drag and drop the new material to the Mesh Renderer Component, it works ... but if we load the scene again and select the PB GameObject, the old material is back again :



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This is a known issue, and I have yet to find to find a workaround for it.  The crux of the issue being that there isn't a reliable way to catch the drag event from Unity and override it to apply the material to the pb_Object (which needs to know about material changes).


It's not a "won't fix" bug, I just haven't been able to figure out what to do about it yet.  I'll try to find some time next week to look at this again and see if anything comes to light.

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