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Hi, everybody! :-)

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My name is Stein Walsberg, well....it's not my real name. It's the name I use in game development. :-)

I am 42 years old, live in Norway where I live with my wife who also help me with graphics and design for my games.


I Use Unity together with Playmaker. Released only one game so far. A very small game for Android.

I'm currently working on a game, a remake of a game from Commodore 64. Here I will also use the fantastic tool "Pro Builder".


I'm also a music composer, even if it's not my main priority. Unity takes to much time, but I try to compose a little bit when I feel for it. :-) I started to compose back in 1989 on Amiga 500 with trackerbased musicprogram called Sound Tracker.


I also do a little bit 3D modeling in Blender, but I'm still learning. I know the very basic. :-)


Please take a look at our homepage:



You will see some drawings, paintings, etc. from my wife. And also my first game, "Drop n' Shoot"


Or my gameblog:



I haven't updated it for a while, but I will. :-)


Have a nice day!


Best regards



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