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Grouping together seperate meshes?

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Hi all


Just wondering how I should organize a PB building I created using mostly cube shapes? Should I merge them together into one object and delete the originals or should I use ProGroups?


It's just it looks kinda messy to see all the seperate meshes that make up my building and I wonder if it impacts Unity when I run the scene? Mind you, my scene isn't very complicated at this point.




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ProGroups is simply for editor functionality as it stands at the moment, so that wouldn't help you out for optimization.  However it is great to have for things like enabling/disabling editing of objects in your scene or hiding them when you don't need them visible.


In regards to optimization there are several things that can be done to help your scene out.  Here are a few to keep in mind:

1.  Delete faces that will never be seen in your game.  Often times this is things like the underside of a cube that will never move.

2.  Reuse materials whenever possible.  This will allow Unity to batch the draw calls which saves on memory.

3.  Don't use more vertices than are needed for the shape you are creating.  For instance, you wouldn't want to make a cube with 400 vertices, when 8 will do the job.  Keep in mind that Unity may not reflect the vertex count you think you have since it may have to split vertices to render properly in game.  This is the reason that the Unity default Plane has always bothered me...there isn't a reason for all those verts and faces in most cases.


You can merge your PBObjects, but I'm not sure at the moment how much that affects the performance stats. There are cases where this can make it harder to edit the PBObject if some of the meshes are more complex, so keep that in mind as your project progresses.


If it is only a question of cleaning up your hierarchy, you can parent PBObjects to other PBObjects for the sake of organization.  I use this technique quite often to help organize my hierarchy.  For instance, I created a modular hallway that consisted of 6 different PBObjects.  1 PBObject for the main hallway and 5 more for detail objects.  Each of the detail objects was parented to the main hallway so I could move everything at the same time and collapse it in the hierarchy for a cleaner, more organized feel. 

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