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Keep initial scale, of separate original objects

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The Old Way: Currently, qb applies the value selected or randomized in the scaling foldout as the absolute scale value of the objects it places. So, to retain the original scale you would set the quickBrush scaling foldout values to 1,1,1 and make sure that the top transform of your prefab also has it's scale set to 1,1,1. If the models in your prefab have to be scaled differently, you can still get the same effect by parenting them to a transform scaled 1,1,1 and saving that as your prefab.


The New Way: I made an update (v1.1.1d) to get rid of the hassle. It just adds a toggle between 'absolute'  and 'prefab relative' scale to the scaling foldout, allowing you to use scale as a modifier on top of your prefab's saved scale. I'll submit it tomorrow. I just want to run a test in unity 5 first.



PS: captainpoc, I believe I replied to you by e-mail and sent you the update, but I'm posting here for anyone else who might be wondering.

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