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Found 1 result

  1. Ello! It's my first post to the forum! How exciting! I'm trying to build from Unity 2017 1.2f1 to Xbox One Creators Club (UWP) and I'm hitting a few issues having ProBuilder in my project .. I just downloaded ProBuilder 2 days ago - version 2.9.8f3. Oh, incase it matters I'm using Win10 Creator's Club Edition or whatever the heck they're calling it. The latest. First up, I was getting errors that seemed to be coming from Poly2Tri.dll so I found my way here to the forums and found a post about a similar problem someone was having building a standard win10 UWP app .. so I followed the instructions posted as a reply to that.. http://procore3d.github.io/probuilder2/troubleshooting/faq/#error-building-player-windows-store-ios-android-webgl First, following the instructions from that link, I tried just setting the main dlls to editor only. After doing that, it built OK and it ran on the xbox but gave me errors in the actual build (see screengrab attached) .. so I went back and did the rest of the instructions on that page (where it says to set theProBuilderCore-Unity5 and ProBuilderMeshOps-Unity5 dlls to editor and standalone only) and next I was back to these build errors: Assets\ProCore\ProBuilder\API Examples\Vertex Colors\HighlightNearestFace.cs(3,19): error CS0234: The type or namespace name 'Common' does not exist in the namespace 'ProBuilder2' (are you missing an assembly reference?) To solve the build error above, I added #if UNITY_EDITOR || UNITY_STANDALONE to the entire HighlightNearestFace.cs script, which meant I was able to build again. Sadly, after all that I'm still getting errors in the build running on the actual xbox (see the screengrab - its the same error I was getting before, so yes there's only one screengrab!) Any suggestions on getting around this / fixing it would be really welcome! I understand that support isn't easy I absolutely love using ProBuilder and I'm having a great time with it. If there's any more info you need from me to help solve this, let me know. Thanks so much! Jeff.