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Found 5 results

  1. DiGiaComTech

    UV Editor Zoom

    Currently the UV Editor zoom is always to the center of the scene. Please update this form so it zooms to the current MOUSE position. Perhaps, add Control Keys to the zoom feature (e.g. Ctrl zooms to selected object, Alt zooms to Mouse, nothing zooms to center).
  2. If you select the lateral faces of a cylinder/cone, and set UV mode to "Auto", then select "Group Selected Faces", the faces will be attached like in the image bellow: My cylinder/cone has 8 faces on the sides, and in the UV editor you can see 4 faces going to the right, then the next 4 faces are going back the other way, which is exactly what I want, because it removes the UV seams. But there is a problem, the faces in the UV editor are not the same size. As you can see in the UV editor, the left most and right most faces are thinner than the middle ones, even though the cylinder faces are the same size. And so the texture is stretched. Is this a bug or is there a reason for this? Can you fix it or add a feature to have the faces the same size? It would be perfect in many situations for adding materials to more complex meshes and getting rid of UV seams.
  3. I was trying to work on a small object (low poly sword) using ProBuilder (and Surforge) but found Unity difficult to work with at such a small scale. The biggest issue was moving the scene camera around to see / edit things. So, a few questions: 1) Is it possible with these tools? 2) If so, what setup is recommended? 3) If I build the weapon in a bigger scale using these tools, then scale it down, any issues with that? 4) I have the ProCore bundle, so should I be looking at ProGrids on the small scale too? Thanks in advance!!!
  4. First of all I wanna say that ProBuilder is great, it was a good investment. Despite running in to a few issues here and there, I am extremely impressed with what you guys have produced here. Secondly this could just be down to me not completely understanding something. I am working on project that has very precise objects which are mostly box shaped and my textures are low-res pixel art. When applying texture to an object I need it to be pixel accurate so a grid feature is extremely convenient. I am aware the UV Editor has a grid, however the grid size is far too big. I know of the option in the preferences called "UV Snap increment" but when I attempt to change it, I notice no change to the grid at all, this could be either I am misunderstanding what the option does or the option isn't working/is bugging out. Is there any possibility of having such a grid control within the UV editor itself?
  5. 1) Name of tool: UV Editor 2) A brief description of the issue: Error when trying to work with a specific object in ProBuilder: "Mesh.uv is out of bounds. The supplied array needs to be the same size as the Mesh.vertices array. UnityEngine.Mesh:set_uv(Vector2[])". 3) Your system environment (Operating system, version of Unity, version of tool) Mac OSX 10.10.2, Unity 4.6.0f3, ProBuilder 2.4.2f0 4) Full description of issue: After trying to reset some of the UVs in a map that I built, the UV Editor stopped showing any indication that a face was selected. Additionally, every time I try to interact with the editor, including scrolling through the menu, I get a stream of errors with the message: "Mesh.uv is out of bounds. The supplied array needs to be the same size as the Mesh.vertices array. UnityEngine.Mesh:set_uv(Vector2[])". This error only applies to this particular object or other objects split form it; new objects are unaffected. Any attempts to reset to Auto UV mode do not fix the problem. There are currently no visible textures on the objects affected, only a dull slate grey. 5) List of steps, clearly explaining how to replicate the issue: Unable to replicate successfully 6) Any other comments/etc: Is there any way to reset the UVs so that I don't have to completely rebuild this level?