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Found 6 results

  1. MichelDeveloper

    Unity 5.3.4p1 Bug Grey Texture

    Pro Builder Advance Good afternoon , my name is Michel I recently downloaded the ProBuilder Basic , I liked it so I bought the Advanced but when I (Insert Edge Loop) faces turn gray like the image I've used the Upgrade Pack but the error presiste what should I do ? System : *i3 *intel hd 4000 *Windows 8.1 64bits
  2. jcrobinson

    Unity 5, No Draw?

    Cant work out how to activate no draw in unity 5, it used to hide the faces when non active in the tool bar?
  3. While building for windows platform i got 318 errors. I am using following in my project - OS : Windows 8.1 Unity 5.0.1(latest) Probuilder 2.4.3(latest) Build Platform : Windows Store SDK : Phone 8.1 Steps to reproduce errors - 1) Create new project(Import nothing) 2) Import Pro Builder 2.4.3 3) Switch platform to Windows Store(SDK : Phone 8.1) 4) Build project You will got around 318 errors like below one- "Reference Rewriter: Error: type `System.Runtime.Serialization.ISerializable` doesn't exist in target framework. It is referenced from ProBuilderCore-Unity5.dll at ProBuilder2.Common.pb_Face. UnityEngine.Debug:LogError(Object) PostProcessMetroPlayer:RunReferenceRewriter(WSASDK, String, String, String, String) (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/PlatformDependent/MetroPlayer/Extensions/Managed/PostProcessMetroPlayer.cs:334) PostProcessMetroPlayer:PostProcessSDKSpecific(WSASDK, BuildTarget, BuildOptions, String, String, ProjectImages, LibraryCollection) (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/PlatformDependent/MetroPlayer/Extensions/Managed/PostProcessMetroPlayer.cs:883) PostProcessMetroPlayer:PostProcess(BuildTarget, BuildOptions, String, String, String, String) (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/PlatformDependent/MetroPlayer/Extensions/Managed/PostProcessMetroPlayer.cs:597) UnityEditor.HostView:OnGUI()"
  4. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE: 2015-05-19 1:30PM ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- REF: b. below Have built a simple stone wall with rectangular blocks staggered with 1/2 blocks to flush out the ends, using the Prototype cube shape. Surely as I play with this stuff I misclick and end up distorting a cube that I have to reshape and bring back to cube-royal(cube one (re)squares manually)... as sometimes undo is way to far down the workflow and many things would be redos. All good. Wall looks good, massive, Roman power(lol). I apply nothing, left the default Prototype Material. I just went to another sand box in the scene to mess with some other stuff for a day or 2, totally not giving my wall any TLC. Low & behold, as I had to do a 360 sweep in my new sandbox, my wall came in view and horror... it is missing a block... just gone vanished. Remember below I said from this point on I am on my guard... I clicked in the Hierarchy on the first block of the wall and used the down arrow key to bring each block in focus and amazingly the last one it hit was the missing one!(potential clue) As soon as the entry was selected the block reappears! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2015 05-19 ... the number lists on this forum edit window is totally whacked... a nightmare to realign the numbers as it renumbers everything stupidly and renders all the pointers in the text useless! grrrrrrrrrrr!~ Name of tool [WIN7 Unity 5.0.1, Prototype 2.4.3p0-3216] ​A brief description of the issue a. UNDER WATERS: This one may not be an issue at all, but had 2 objects disappear due to renderers being turned off while editing Prototype Objects. ABOVE WATERS: turned renderers back on, issue as not resurfaced, but b. below b. UNDER WATERS: I had a hierarchy of 9 objects, Parent(Empty Unity Object), 2 children(Empty Unity Objects), grandchildren(Prototype Objects) in each of the children. One Prototype grandchild suddenly disappeared, while still in hierarchy and Inspector, renderer ON, etc... I attempted to click on that area, and also spun the scene around in case it got flipped(one sided shader), still would not show, yet all the other objects showed normally. ABOVE WATERS: I think I clicked on the parent, and it came back to life... and never bothered me again. Don't know if parenting to a Unity Object is the issue, or Unity bug, or Prototype bug. c. UNDER WATERS: While editing attempting to set a vertex or a face(...) I found myself several times out of context with my intention as if I was attempting to do something that is not available in the current context(i.e.: failed to set vertex mode, etc...) but I believe the Unity context was changed(i.e.: move tool unselected not by me)... ABOVE WATERS: realigned the context by setting/clicking the Unity tool, all is well ... see 4) Your system environment (Operating system, version of Unity, version of tool) ... see 1) Full description of issue It is hard to back-track every mouse and interface moves that were effectuated between the time the issue propped up and when actually noticed, more over once noticed one will attempt quick moves to assess if a problem, more keys are hit, more mouse clicks ... see 5) List of steps, clearly explaining how to replicate the issue ...have been unable to reproduce the issues, but now on my guard to hold all action if I notice another discrepancy. Will update this post as needed. Any other comments/etc I realize that being new to Prototype (ProBuilder), all the clickidy clicking on Unity now compounded with the Prototype triggers is causing me to do many retakes due to being used to the object level workflow versus the element level workflow... perhaps, I am making moves in the wrong context and falling in pitfalls in the logic and by simply not making these moves, I would never hit the pot holes... so if I get good at being faultless in my workflow, I may never encounter the problems... or at least for some time. One example: the shape preview got me several times as I thought of it as the object itself, and attempting editing on it just sends one in knotted fingers. I am used to the align commands of the object level workflow.NOT sure yet I understand the preview as a necessary step, so for now I skip it, until I have some time to figure out its value(s).
  5. Halsys

    Graphical Artifacts.

    I've bought ProBuilder and I really like it. Up until recently however, I've been a bit annoyed and perplexed on why some of the faces appear black or wrong. They appear only sometimes and disappear if I do something with probuilder(ie Move vertice, offset anything with (0,0,0), Group and ungroup a face). Is this going to be fixed eventually? I could always turn off automatic lightmapping but why should I? Details: Unity Version: 5.0.0b18 ProBuilder Version: v2.3.2f2 (r2947) If there is anything else you would need from me to be able to evaluate the issue, let me know.
  6. Hi guys, just trying the current beta and wonder if pro builder is ready and compatible or if there are some issues to work around? Didn't find anything to this topic with a quick search.. Cheers BBdata