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Found 15 results

  1. Zen

    Really Frustrating Bug

    There is an annoying bug that has been preventing a significant amount of development on my game, mostly because I rely on this asset to easily model basic shapes. What's been going on is that every time I pull two top vertices down from a cube to form a ramp, the two faces to the side become completely black. It's very easy to recreate, and goes like this: (I'm using mac by the way) build a 1x1x1 cube, switch to vertex editing mode, and select two top vertices and pull them down. The two faces to the side should become pitch black. This is also being done using progrids, so it snaps by to the bottom instantly when I drag down. I hope you guys can help me resolve the problem.
  2. Hello everyone, I fairly new to probuilder and I have some problems. First of all I can't get my texture to tile correctly. On this block with 3 in the y axis and 6 in the x axis i would like to tile my texture. When I set the tiling to 0.333x0.333 it showes the first tile correctly, but on the rest the grey border of the texture get repeated, instead of the whole texture and I don't know why. I read the documentation and watched some videos about it, but I don't get what I'm doing wrong... Any ideas? And sometimes I get those strange shadow spots on my objects after the lightmap finished baking... where does this come from? I found some forum posts about it and that you should deactivate the "disable auto uv generation", but this option is already unchecked in my preferences for probuilder. Best Verdemis
  3. We are making a game in Unity that only uses flat colors (no textures). Instead of having many different materials that have different colors, we are considering making a texture atlas that will be used as a color chart. Each model will then pick the right color in this atlas using its UV coordinates. This is to limit the amount of batches we need to make. E.g., UV coordinate (0,0) is red; UV coordinate (1,1) is green. Is it possible to manually override all UV coordinates for models made in ProBuilder? I have tried the UV Editor, but what I want is to just specify the values manually. I can do it via a script, but this creates a new Mesh instance and requires some run-time code. Vector2 Color = new Vector2(1,1); // green mesh = GetComponent<MeshFilter>().mesh; Vector2[] uvs = mesh.uv; for (int i = 0; i < uvs.Length; i++) { uvs[i] = Color; mesh.uv = uvs; }
  4. Protozoaire

    Probuilderize - Black UV

    - Windows 10 x64 - Unity 5.5.0f3 Personal - ProBuilder Advanced 2.9.0f3 When I Probuilderize without "Preserve Faces", the mesh's texture become black. I try to "repare entity material" and "generate uv2".
  5. Raymond

    Texture Atlasing

    Hello, I just purchased ProBuilder Advanced. I have been using 3d Max which I am good at but I wanted to give ProBuilder a chance to get things done faster. My game is intended for Mobile and I need to be careful with drawcalls by using materials wisely. This brings me to my question. I like how you can assign materials to individual planes of a object but this can cause a single game object to have several different materials assigned to it, thus increasing drawcalls unnecessarily. I have the asset "Pro Draw Call Optimizer". Will ProBuilder game objects atlas the same way as other non PB game objects using a texture atlasing program. I am hoping to merge all those materials back into one material and one texture. Thanks, Raymond
  6. Version 2.6.5f0 Trying to render out UV templates to png images, it's completely broken. My object is a fully welded, manually UV wrapped "room". Attached images should show the problem reasonably well enough. Things noticed: - Depending on image size, the results change. - When face materials is on in the UV editor, they are not rendered in the correct place / scale .. etc. - The edges are not rendered in the correct place. Perhaps it's just the object I'm testing, but it is properly welded and unwrapped (see images).
  7. Hello, I was building my level, finished with the layout and then started to add textures to walls. However, I've hit a dead end. I would like to select more than 2 different faces from different objects, which are right next to each other, together combining a wall, and apply a texture which would stretch or tile (doesn't matter which) uniformly across all the selected faces. Problems arise, around window panes or door frames, which are surrounded by minimum of 3 objects, that are part of the same wall. When I apply the materials, what happens, is that textures are applied separately to faces, without having any idea about adjacent walls. The effect I am trying to achieve is something that is built in to GtkRadiant. If you select 2 or more faces that are adjacent to each other and apply the texture at the same time, the face select acts as if I've chosen one object only. What I would like to achieve: As you can see, left and bottom parts (in red) are different wall pieces, however when I select these 2 faces and apply the texture at the same time, radiant is aware of this and stretches the texture accordingly. What I would not like to happen: Applying materials does not take into account adjacent faces. Thank you, Cheers, quid3st
  8. Hi, I just started using Probuilder and UFPS. I noticed that whenever I import UFPS into my project, Progrids objects get the texture replaced for a white material. I'm probably missing some stupid thing, but any help will be welcome.
  9. Crovean

    Texture is stretching

    Hey all! I'm trying to do some texturing in ProBuilder, just for testing purpose and I encountered this little problem. As far as I can tell this isn't tiling.. at all. All I did was created a new cube object, added a material using the Material Tool for PB and then checked if the Fill Mode was set to tiling and resized my cube.. The other half of the cubes texture is stretched in a weird way and not tiled as I expected it to be.. What am I doing wrong? I think I have tried everything so far without a decent result...
  10. chris

    Tiling Texture Seams

    Hey gang, I am trying to apply a transition texture between two other textures and am running into an issue where I am seeing a seam at the very top and bottom of the face I am applying the texture too. If I turn the texture to clamp it obviously goes away but then it won't tile and stretches the remainder of the surface. I have messed around with adjusting the Y height of the texture to be a little less than 1 in the UV editor and that helps a little but seems like an odd way to do this. I'm also really new to all this, so maybe its something silly I am missing or maybe there is a better way to go about this?
  11. Using material editor to apply texture to a face applies it to child objects too. Super duper obnoxious. All the child object's faces also show up in the UV editor, piled on top of the texture. Unity 4.5.5.f1 ProBuilder: 2.3.0f14 revision 2861 Video example:
  12. The problem: I grab a material from the project heirarchy after having selected the faces I want to apply it to. I drag the material to the faces, and after like 15 seconds it updates, showing me it has applied to the entire model. As a result of the associated lag, and the randomness of whether it applies to the correct faces, and the slowness of the Undo feature, it has taken two hours to add textures to a medium-sized level (something I chose to do after slightly modifying the ProBuilder texture on accident erased all the vertex colors from my level.) The level consists of about 10 of the same prefab hallways, each of which have less than 100 polys. Not a big scene, but lots of lag, too, guys! A 55-second video demonstrating the texture bug:
  13. I bought the indie substance painter, substance designer etc. in the recent sale. I wondered if probuilder will work with substances. Also is there a bug with the .obj exporter? When I try to export nothing happens, I select the probuilder object in my hierarchy then click tools menu ProTools - Actions - Export Selected to OBJ Pick a location to save it but nothing happens. Am I being stupid and not understanding something? (I often am btw) Cheers Roy
  14. milq


    hi correct me if i am wrong but there is no way of texture atlasing right? actually we can put some textures together make an atlas put that big texture in every face we want to texture and manipulate it by hand till it matches correctly on the face and it is just wrong , right? thx
  15. blondei

    Editor Window Problems

    As of recently, What ever I did, The bar at the top which changes the ProBuilder mode. It has been pushed upwards and overlaps the scene view options, The bar is unusable as the buttons below work instead. I have re-imported all the assets, and ProBuilder to no avail. It makes making levels nearly impossible. Please Help, Thanks In advance. Cheers, Blondei