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Found 7 results

  1. mr_dude


    I have enjoyed Unity for several years and am really enjoying Pro Builder and Pro Grids. I do have a question about vert snapping in Pro Builder. I can snap fine the verts that are along an XYZ axis, but if not the snapping on axis, Pro Builder looks elsewhere rather than the vert I am attempting to snap to. Is there another key that I should press rather than "V"?
  2. (SOLVED (Workaround found): see second post from user "karl", below). I'm following along with Gabriel on his Youtube video 'Prototyping a "Medieval House" in Unity with ProBuilder3D' (I pasted the link below and it put the video there). My issue starts at 4:20 in the video; he says if you don't hold S while pulling a face, then it will snap to an infinite point. My problem is that it still snaps to an infinite point even when I hold S and pull. I've tried holding S before clicking the arrow to pull, clicking first then holding S and pulling, and other things but I can't seem to get it to work. Can't progress in the video because of this. About me: PC: Windows 10, AMD ryzen 1700, 16gb ram, AMD RX 550 4gb Unity: 2017.2.0f3 (started out using Unity betas with their built-in Probuilder, but they were so buggy for me, that I returned to the 2017 versions) Probuilder: 2.9.8f3 Project setup (this error happened pretty early in this project so thought this info might help since I'm just starting): - This "Medieval House" scene is in the same project as my recently completed House with Interior and Exterior from Gabriel's other YT video. - Gabriel didn't say to do so, but I noticed at the start of his vid that he had several parts of the Standard Assets imported, so I imported all the folders he had. I then had a compiler error about a namespace called "WaterBase" in a .cs file in the Standard Assets; resolved it by doing a reimport of the Standard Assets, and pulling in the Water and Water (Basic) folders in the Environment folder.
  3. Hello, I testing probuilder basic as newbie I have two corridors which come to the end one against the other. Apparently Probuilder basic does not make the automatic connection because the surfaces block the passage. Maybe this is because the vertices are not perfectly aligned but I did not find the snapping tool to tell them where they should be moved. thank to answers
  4. Hi, I always use ProGrids with the Snap Method set on "snap on Selected Axis". Unfortunately, this settings seems to be silently set back to "snap on All Axes". Usual scenario: I edit some geometry, everything is fine, and at random times, progrids starts to snap everything to all axes. This bug seems to appear randomly, sometimes10 times a day, which is very frustrating. If I open the ProGrids settings window, I can see that the "snap on Selected Axis" is still selected. And the simple fact of opening the settings window "fixes" the issue, until the next time... In this GIF, you can see the bug happening, and the workaround (going to the settings window) which temporary "fixes" it: Thanks
  5. I'm using the ProCore suite to build environment for a tactical turn-based RPG. It'd be really useful for me if I could use different snap increments for each axis. On the XY plane, tiles are always 1x1, but their height can be at any increment of 0.25 (right now I'm just using an increment of 0.25 and being careful to make sure my tiles aren't weird dimensions). Is this something that exists already, or can be easily implemented? Thanks!
  6. Hello! One feature that would save me many hours is the ability to snap an edge or a vertex to a surface. For example: I've created a table with tapered legs. I wish to add a support bar between them, flush against both sides. What I wish to create the rectangle for the support bar with the correct depth and height. Then, grab the top edge of the support bar's side and snap it to the side surface of the leg, then repeat the action on the bottom edge of the support bar's side, thereby conforming that side of the support bar to the slant of the leg. Unfortunately, the only method of which I am aware (if the legs are already tilted), is to repeatedly slice both legs until the division is at approximately the correct height for where I want the support bar to be, detach the edges where the support bar will connect, invert the normals of the detached surface, bridge all of the support bar's edges to create the bar, bridge the gaps on the legs to close them up, then piece by piece drag all of the unused leg vertexes and collapse them. On countless occasions, having a feature to simply drag a vertex, edge, or surface flush to another surface would have saved me an hour or more of work. I truly hope you will consider this feature! Also, if there is a better approach in the meantime, I would love to know it! Thank you in advance! Be well! - S.
  7. Hey guys, first of all I am using Prototype and Pro Grids 2 and you really did a great job on them. However if I start replacing the Prototype Cubes, with my real objects, they are starting to snap weirdly. I think it is because the Pivot Point of them is in the Center and the Grid is always snapping the Object to the Pivot Point right? Any Suggestions on how I may fix this? E.g. I built a simple Plane, but after snapping, it got some really weird coords and I cannot place any other object right on its surface. It is eather cut in half by the plane or floating above it. thanks in advance