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Found 3 results

  1. Probuilder has some issues on the new beta The attached screenshot show the things that appear when importing Probuilder 2.6.1f0 in a clean Unity 5.5b1 project. Meshes in the scene view are pink, and the new outline that appears on selected object doesn't work on pb objects. Also even if there are warnings about obsolete API mesh editing appears to be working (haven't tested all the thing tho). I'm on macOS Sierra beta if interested but I don't think that really matters as it's probably Unity related stuff
  2. Vadya_Rus

    Probuilder + Shaderforge

    Hi Everyone! I'm new to the forums, but I've been using Probuilder for a few months. I'd like to showcase something that I've worked on a couple months ago that utilizes ProBuilder's vertex painting capabilites and custom shaders. This shader in particular allows you to blend between two physically based materials with vertex colors. Each color channel has a different mask to allow for a more organic and/or varied blend. In the video linked below, you can see the initial shader at work. https://instagram.com/p/6pczGJHQBc/ In this second video, I reworked the blending to be less of a gradient and utilize the masks better. https://instagram.com/p/6qVf_QHQDO/ Lastly, in this third video I am flipping between a few mask textures to show how different masks can drastically change how the two materials can blend between each other. https://instagram.com/p/6qWOLLHQEv/ Thanks for checking out my work, and I hope you like it! - Vadim
  3. Hello! So right now I've run into a bit of a hitch in development. We're starting to lose performance on cards Nvidia Geforce 465 and below. One of the things I'm trying to do is to change the shaders used by materials in bulk as a menu option to ease the processing stress. I have it set up to work just fine by grabbing all the Renderer components in the scene and changing their material shaders directly. However, this doesn't work on Probuilder objects, I presume because pb_Object is overriding the old behavior. My question is: Is there any way for me to change the shader of the materials used in a pb_Object at runtime *without* having to strip all pb scripts? I appreciate any help I can get here. EDIT: Just saw the post way below mine about changing out materials. I just want to clarify that I'm not looking to change a material, but rather the shader it uses.