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Found 16 results

  1. WaterlaneStudios

    backface cull and cross selection

    A couple of cool features would be... Display/Non-Display of faces with Normals facing away from the viewer (i.e. backface cull) Window selection and Cross selection (as in 3dsMax) some more variations on display (i.e. flat shaded with wire/materials with wire/backface culled, on/off)
  2. WaterlaneStudios

    Face Selection

    Hi - 'having trouble selecting faces... 1. I've made a basic new shape cube - when I shift select faces everything is fine - when I click on a face it tries to pick any other distant object in the scene. If there's nothing there then it deselects the cube. 2. I've made a basic new shape cube - and subdivided twice - similar to above, but no faces select when click on by themselves [ these edits are within an existing scene using Unity 2017.3] [If you would like files, I'll test/recreate in a new/empty scene - any suggestion meanwhile? I've tried 'backface on/off']
  3. Hey, I've encountered a strange bug. I'm editing quite a big map, made out of many smaller chunks (each chunk started as a cube). I finished the map layout, and I am now working on removing all the faces not visible to the player. However, suddenly I started receiving errors in the console when trying to select vertices. It is difficult to select faces (mouse click goes through the face) and almost impossible to select any vertices. On top of that, the Geometry edit mode toolbar (4 buttons) does not respond (atleast visually) to mouse clicks. When using keyboard shortcuts, I seem to be able to cycle through different edit modes (vertex, edge, face, geometry). But vertex mode seems to select faces, and faces mode seems to try select vertices. Deleting a face, makes the editor go automatically into the vertex edit mode. It's a total mess. Restarting Unity did not solve the problem. This bug is present in every scene in this project. I have not tested out with a different project yet. EDIT: Restarting the PC seemed to fix the issue. EDIT2: Nvm, this fixed it only temporarily. Unity: 2017.3.0f3 Probuilder: 2.9.7f5 EDIT: Added a video of this strange behaviour. The only keys used during this video were "G", "H", "Escape" and the mouse click. I did not use the Shift or Control combination. 2018-02-19 09-26-07.mp4
  4. brisingre

    Selection Problems

    When I try to select a face, I almost always change my top level selection instead. What it changes to is nearly random. One part of this, I think, is a unity issue. When I click repeatedly it cycles through any overlapping objects. It doesn't reliably select the object closest to the camera first, and sometimes its cycle will get confused and it will take a dozen clicks to get what I want. 2D transforms are especially bad about it, I have to disable all my GUI stuff to stop from constantly selecting it. Face select does the same thing, but much, much worse. It's equally happy, perhaps happier to select a face on another model, to select another top level model, or to select the top level of the model I'm trying to edit, as to select the face I clicked on. Select Hidden doesn't help. Select Hidden doesn't work on edge select mode either, seemingly. It just doesn't do anything, I can still select hidden edges. I can work around the issue by setting drag select mode to intersect, select hidden to off, and using drag selects exclusively, but I can't ever left click without it ruining my selection.
  5. Probuilder Advanced 2.9.5f3 Unity 2017.1.0f3 Personnal When I try to select all faces by double-clicking, it no longer works. Issue appear with 2.9.5f3 and was not reproducible with 2.9.4f1.
  6. Cameron

    Selection Issues

    I am using probuilder v2.9.3 in Unity 2017.1, windows 10 and I am having issues with the selection. When I am in any of the modes (vert, edge, face) and I am using a rect to select multiple items, it will end up selecting items waayyyy outside of the rect. I have select hidden turned off, and it seems to be worse when I am using rect: intersect but it will occur in rect: complete as well. Also it will sometimes completely "pass through" the object i am editing and select items from an object obscured by the object i am editing. This is also with select hidden turned off. In addition, (and this could be a Unity problem) but it seems like the threshold for doing a rect selection vs a single click is so small that clicking on many single items becomes a problem because it will register some single clicks as a rect selection and not select the item. Let me know if you need more information, and thank you for any help you can provide.
  7. Does anyone know if it is possible to select all vertices inside the selection box including ones behind faces ? it really slows me down going around an object to select a line of faces or vertices. I have some images of for examples. image 1 : how I want to select the faces image 2: what I get when i select the faces image 3: what I want when I select the faces any help would be appreciated !
  8. I have two Probuilder objects, and i simply want to select the one that i click on (simple raycast, first hit) depending on the edit mode, it has a weird behaviour. object selection: selects the one in the background first, with a second click i get the right one vertex selection: (if none is selected) i never get the foreground object to select, just if i already have it selected. if i miss a node it selects the one in the background -.- edge selection: (if none is selected) i never get the foreground object. if it is selected it works correct (the hover effect on the edges is nice, should be considered for the vertices too) face selection: (if none is selected) i can't get the foreground object. if it is selected, it will always selcted the background object https://webmshare.com/play/EB6gN i think it should really be the other way around .. or have an option to lock the selection? edit: i just did a bit more testing, and it seems like the size of the objects have to do with it oO if i resize the foreground object i can make it so that it will be prioritized the green background object, if i make it smaller again it behaves as described above. some further testing: isometric camera mode! it seems that perspective mode works fine
  9. lod3dk

    Selecting Multiple Groups?

    Selecting multiple groups doesn't seem possible right now.
  10. I don't seem to be able to select an individual object in a group? Is this possible? Documentation seems to (perhaps?) indicate that the arrow box toggling should allow group selection - which conversely seems to indicate that having it unchecked would allow individual selection? But for me this arrow box, unlike the next two check boxes, does not toggle. It is always stuck with the "arrow on". Maybe this is broken? Appreciate any help you can offer. For me the real value of any hierarchy independent collection system (tags, grouping, selection sets, bookmarks, etc) is that it tracks a small, manageable, collection of members, making it easier to find and edit individuals -- not just selection of the group as a whole. -B
  11. Hello, I am new to Probuilder and I am struggling on -I guess- a small problem. How can I check what is the selected mode (Object, Vertex, Edge, Face) ? I would like to have a switch case to deal with each mode. Also, do you know how to set the mode to one particular element (other than through pressing shortcut keys or clicking on the toolbar) by scripting ? I have found "SelectMode" but I dont know how to modify or check it. Thank you
  12. Hi, I often work with "empty geometry" (walls with inverted normals), and I always find it hard to select faces. I think there are 2 problems: A - When the camera is outside the geometry, if the "set hidden element selection" option is enabled, it will always select a backface. I find working with this behavior tedious, since I have to manually switch between enabling/disabling "set hidden element selection" all the time, or I have to manually move the camera inside the geometry. A lot of time, the camera seems to be inside the geometry, but is in fact just a bit outside, so I will misselect a lot. I would have love to have 2 separate options for selection, instead of only the current "set hidden element selection": - one to prevent from selecting "obscured by geometry faces". - one other to prevent from selecting "back faces". B - Selected backfaces are not highlighted. In this image, the top and left backfaces are selected. But it's impossible to say: I would love if every faces, even the ones facing away from the camera, could be highlighted. Thanks
  13. Hi, Here are a suggestion I would like to share about group selection. Maybe this feature is already present and I didn't find out how to enable it. In this case please let me know. Right now, when "group selecting" faces, only the faces which are completely included under the selection square are selected: This makes selecting for example only the walls (without the floor and the ceiling) of a room very cumbersome. Furthermore, this behavior is inconsistent with edge selection, where they don't have to be fully under the selection square to be selected: I would love to have a checkbox somewhere to change between these 2 "group selection" behavior: - select only what's fully under the selection square - select every objects touching the selection square Thanks
  14. - Windows 10 x64 - Unity 5.2.2f1 Personal - ProBuilder 2.4.8f1 When I select a ProBuilder object, I must wait 2 seconds before it is actually selected. If I need to select 10 objects, it's 20 seconds to wait. But after the selection is done, I can select it again without waiting anymore. If I load another scene and come back to the first scene, I need to wait again with each selection. In white, Unity 3d objects. In grey, ProBuilder objects.
  15. 1) Name of tool Prototype 2) A brief description of the issue When running the game with a Prototype object selected, a lot of exceptions are thrown and the game slows down considerably. 3) Your system environment (Operating system, version of Unity, version of tool) Windows 7, Unity 4.3.4f1, Prototype 1.0.1 1872 (According to the About window, the Asset store claims it's Prototype 1.0.3) 4) Full description of issue Selecting a Prototype object with the Pb_Object component while the game is running causes the game to throw a lot of NullReferenceExceptions. This happens with a new project and a clean install of Prototype. Deselecting the object temporarily fixes the issue. It happens with all entity types (Detail, Trigger, etc.) [see attached image for a little bit more info] 5) List of steps, clearly explaining how to replicate the issue - Create new project - Import the latest prototype from the Asset Store - Create a new Prototype Object (like a cube) - Select it - Press play - Errors populate the console and the game slows down considerably. 6) Any other comments/etc I was using Prototype 1839 and the error was happening, updating to 1872 (which seems to be the latest version in the Asset Store) didn't fix it.
  16. 1. Create a plane at 0,0,0 with 10x10 grid, with 9x9 cross sections, so it makes 100 quad polygons total. 2. Left click on any square. 3. Shift-left click on an adjacent square. 4. Continue to hold shift and keep left clicking on squares to add to the selection as quickly as you can. Observed: after 4-7th shift-left click, the entire selection drops and you need start over. Butcher a kitten and continue. Expected: after 100 clicks, every polygon on the plane is selected. Workaround: Say outloud ‘Mississippi’ after every click. If you speak too quickly, you’ll still lose your selection at some point. And another kitten will die. Please, think of the kittens. Version: 2.2.4f0