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Found 4 results

  1. To help those who are searching to do the same, below is a C# script to move the vertices of a pb object : using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; using ProBuilder2.Common; public class MoveVertex : MonoBehaviour { pb_Object pb; //ProBuilder Object pb_Face face; //Object face Vector3 VertCoo; //Vertex Coordinates int[] indices; //List of vertices in the choosen face void Start() { pb = GetComponent<pb_Object>(); //Get the component on the object pb_Face face = pb.faces[0]; //Get the choosen face indices = face.distinctIndices; //Only grab the unique indices - so (0,1,2,1,3,2) becomes (0,1,2,3) VertCoo = new Vector3(0.5f,0.5f,0); //New coordinates StartCoroutine(WaitAndChange()); } IEnumerator WaitAndChange() { yield return new WaitForSeconds(2); //After 2 seconds //We change the vertices' position pb.SetSharedVertexPosition(indices[0], VertCoo); pb.SetSharedVertexPosition(indices[1], VertCoo); pb.SetSharedVertexPosition(indices[2], VertCoo); pb.SetSharedVertexPosition(indices[3], VertCoo); } } To see what it does :
  2. paulgswanson

    Vertex Position Scaler

    Sorry, for the bad title. I'm not sure what to call it. There is a feature in 3ds max that would be extremely handy. Lets say you have a plane set at 30 degrees But you only want the corners set to the exact same Y cord In 3ds max you could just select all 4 verts you wanted and scale down till the position matches exactly. It would just stop there then you would drag them where you wanted them I tried this last night in PB and instead of stopping at the middle point between the verts it just keeps going in the opposite direction it doesn't stop. In some cases the Verts simply didn't cross the mid point at the same time. So I couldn't even eye ball it. In Max this is a Key technique for Vertex alignment. Can we get a similar tool? Or rework how vertex scaling works?
  3. Loving ProBuilder - though I know this is my second post in a short time I've run into the following problem using Unity 5.3.5f1. When I make a more complex shape other than a cube, I start getting errors in the console. Especially after using Flip Normals. The thing is; I load in Interior scenes through the SceneManager and position them at a specific position, parented to a specific empty GameObject. With a simple Interior scene nothing strange happens (read: lightly extruded cube, inverted normals). but when the scene becomes more complex (read: a number of extrusions + inverted normals on 1 "cube") and the game loads the scene + moves it to the right position, the normals stay in their original spot but the meshes (and all other objects such as lights) do seem to move to the correct place. Screenshots showing the problem during runtime: The error(s): My system: Mac OSX 10.11.5 Unity 5.3.5f1 ProBuilder 2.5.0f0 rev 4241
  4. Hi there! First: ProCore is awesome! Anyway, I have a weird bug with ProGrids since 1-2 days now. Everything was fine before that, and suddenly, I have this error: transform.position assign attempt for 'OBJECT' is not valid. Input position is { NaN, NaN, NaN }. UnityEngine.Transform:set_position(Vector3) pg_Editor:OnSceneGUI(SceneView) (at Assets/ProCore/ProGrids/Editor/pg_Editor.cs:811) UnityEditor.DockArea:OnGUI() It's for every OBJECT I select ( camera, light, mesh... ). Everytime I move an object, with ProGrids toggle On. Again, I really don't know why! I used ProGrids everyday and I had no problem! And it's just with ProGrids, I have the ProCore bundle, with ProBuilder, ProGroups, QuickDecals... Everything works fine except ProGrids! If I turn OFF the snap toggle, I have no error. If I turn ON, I have this error on every frame ( update function I guess ). I recreate a new scene, a new project with a fresh download of ProCoreBundle, I uninstall / reinstall Unity... And I have this error again and again ! My config: Windows 8.1 Unity 5 ( vers:5.0.2.f1 ) ProCore Bundle ( all up to date ), from the AssetStore. Thanks for your help!