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Found 14 results

  1. Gavin

    Polybrush resets transform

    When I do anything with polybrush and hit play, it resets the object's transform to 0,0,0. I'm using Unity 2017.3 and tried redownloading Polybrush today to see if I just needed an update. Still happening. Thoughts?
  2. The other day I tried to use the Polybrush prefab painter for the game I'm working on for school however the prefabs didn't seem to appear. After looking at the hierarchy, though I could see they were there. To me it seems like they're placing at random coordinates on the mesh instead of where my brush is clicked. I was wondering if I'm just spacing and this is operator error, or if this is an actual bug. I have the newest version of Polybrush and unity 2018 beta
  3. doctard

    Polybrush shader/shadow bug

    i've got this shadow that comes out of nowhere, and creeps along even if the camera moves i've tried both on my existing terrain (made with probuilder) and on new meshes (either a default unity plane, or a probuilder plane) and in both cases, if the mesh is big enough, at a certain angle/distance you get this shadow starting from one of the edges of the mesh. happens with all the polybrush shaders. DOESN'T happen with the probuilder blend shader or any other non-polybrush shader, but that leaves me with way too little textures so it's not really a solution disabling the mesh renderer from receiving shadows also fixes this, but again that's not really a solution using unity 2017.3, this is the polybrush from the asset store since my version of unity doesn't have it in the package manager. i'd use the beta version of unity, but i still have issues with it
  4. Hi, I tried testing out poly brush to paint some color over a cube mesh created by probuilder but somehow it doesnt work. I dont know what I do wrong. In mesh renderer, the element 0 always switches back to default prototype every time the brush was hovered above the mesh, even when I tried to set it to standard vertex color. I could not use any other functions in poly brush. The shader also is greyed out for some reason. Polybrush version is 0.9.13b.0 Probuilder version 3.0.1 Unity 2018.1.0b7 beta
  5. Found out that someone else already posted the issue with a error which I now found too in my Project. 1) Name of tool Polybrush 2) A brief description of the issue Polybrush doesn't seem to work with ProBuilder Objects. I checked the documentation on how to solve this problem, I tried the recommended solutions but it still doesn't work for me. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong with setting up the tools. But I'm following the documentation. There aren't any errors that I think are related to it. But if there is any information I can post, I will. If someone want's to check the project I will upload it. 3) Your system environment (Operating system, version of Unity, version of tool) Windows 10 Unity 2017.1.1f1 ProBuilder 2.9.8f3 Polybrush 0.9.13b0 ProGrids 2.5.0f0
  6. sandbucket

    Polybrush blend materials?

    Hey all, I was wondering if PolyBrush can blend materials with heightmaps/ normalmaps? I've seen tutorials with blending , but only using flat textures. Let me know and thanks.
  7. If I paint a mesh with Additional Vertex Streams setting enabled, upon play mode all the custom data is lost and the mesh reverts to it's default form. Prefab or non-prefab, tried it in new scene, restarting Unity, supplied shaders, no go. If the additional vertex streams is off, it works ok. Unity 5.6.3p3. Polybrush 0.9.13b0
  8. I love substances, and I love Vertex Painting with Polybrush! Is it already in there, and I'm just unaware of the right method - or is this something Polybrush might be able to do in the future?
  9. djeby

    Importing Polybrush Error

    I imported the Polyprush asset and I got this error in my console. What should I do? Assets/ProCore/Polybrush/Code/Editor/Utility/z_EditorUtility.cs(383,19): error CS0117: `UnityEditor.EditorUtility' does not contain a definition for `SetSelectedRenderState' Unity Version: 5.5.0b4 Version of Polybrush: 0.9.9b2 This also happens in new created projects.
  10. There is a bug that wont allow you to undo changes made to the mesh with polybrush after entering and exiting playmode. A bug fix would be nice, but it would also be nice to have a reset or undo button in polybrush that resets the mesh back to its original form. Bug produced with: Unity version: 5.4.2p3 Polybrush version: 0.9.9b2 To recreate this issue, create a plane in the scene, edit the shape of the mesh, press the play button, press the play button again to stop playmode, then try pressing Ctrl-z and see that it does not work.
  11. chaddie47

    Reset button

    Put simply, a reset button that allows the mesh to return to its original form.
  12. chaddie47

    Undo bug

    The bug is that you cannot undo after entering then exiting playmode. bug produced on: Unity version: 5.4.2p3 Polybrush version: 0.9.9b2 The bug can be reproduced by making a plane, editing the mesh using polybrush, pressing play, pressing play again to exit playmode, then pressing Ctrl-z to unto the changes to the mesh.
  13. First - LOVE PolyBrush. I use it and ProBuilder extensively in prototyping and level design, so I docked its tool window in a tab in the Unity Editor right next to ProBuilder for easy access - common stuff for most devs, right? If I leave this tab integrated like this, Unity will crash on load the next time I try to open up my project. The only way to get Unity to open my project is to delete the Library folder from it, forcing Unity to re-create all asset handles and project metafiles. It's not unrecoverable, but with all of the asset packs we have, a real time-killer! This has happened 3 times, with the only change made being the integration of PolyBrush as a tab in Unity. Even made a new empty project to try and reproduce the error, and it happens. Unity will load, open to a white screen, then crash within 3 seconds to the report generation dialog. Unity Environment: I'm using the latest PolyBrush Beta & ProBuilder from the Asset Store Unity 5.4.0f3 Open VR - HTC Vive System Config (if it helps): Intel i7-4790K 32GB RAM EVGA GTX970 FTW Windows 10 64 bit
  14. So, I made a physics engine to go along side PhysX 3. The special thing about it though is it uses vertex colors that I paint from polybrush to determine properties of the individual triangles. Right now, I have two types of collisions: Speed pads - which increase speed based on brush opacity (I also have a shader that scrolls a texture to this speed - it also takes the existing color and hue shifts it to match my vertex color - oh and does a little motion blur) Launch pads - which launch my car in the air with power based on brush opacity. It uses a super efficient indexing system, but tells more information, like for example, the rotation of the texture's UV coordinates and which texture it is colliding with. It is however just code to compliment a real physics engine like PhysX as it does not do any rigidbody simulation. It just solves ray casts against triangles.