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Found 4 results

  1. Sturdy

    Banned Poly Shapes?

    Does ProBuilder block certain shapes from being made with the Poly Shape tool? My game is set in a Nazi base, so of course there are going to be swastikas.. it lets me do every shape near a swastika but not a swastika, is this intentional or just a coincidence? and is there a way to remove this if it is intentional? I feel like I should be able to make whatever shapes I'd like even if it is non-pc lol. As you can see from the pictures, the mesh just doesn't update when its a swastika shape..
  2. hosein afshar

    Poly brush vertex paint issue

    Hey, we just bought the PolyBrush and its great, There seem to be an issue with the vertex painting. All vertex paint shaders are showing up pure pink. But texture shaders are fine. Another issue we are facing is the smooth poly brush. There seems to be a problem with smoothing faces/triangles. Faces are not being smooth correctly. Thanks for support.
  3. Unity Personal 2017.1 Probuilder Advanced 2.9.4f1 Is it possible to use Poly shape tool to make a roman column for example:
  4. Hello and good day, I notice this little issue when use [insert Edge Loop], after using it the new polys are black, this occurs not to often but can be a little uncomfortable when modeling a big structure and have to many segments on it, here is an image of how it looks. The Current Version I'm using is: v2.5.0f0 revision: 4241 Cheers.