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Found 6 results

  1. I have scripts to swap or scroll textures from a mesh of a PB Object, when I just play the scene with only one object there is no error poping up and scripts executes just fine, I cannot say the same when two or more objects are in the scene: "Not allowed to access uv on mesh", something that I cannot modify the object's mesh, applying new settings on it or something else. I read somewhere else I need to turn mesh into writable one but I have no idea how to accomplish that with PB Objects. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello @karl again, I am with some questions about scripts, my goals is to subdivide faces by points and in scripts, because I was trying to built reliefs in a plane so, I need to click in a point in the plane create an tile (that calculations of points, hitpoint, etc is okay for me, just the ProBuilder geometry manipulation) and extrude it up, like the image:
  3. At the moment I'm currently trying to design something where the probuilder object's faces can be manipulated at runtime, problem is I need to grab the specific face the raycast is hitting, is this possible?
  4. Hi, I'm playing around with some runtime editing and I am trying to set a material on a specific face but I can't really figure out how. I basically copied the code from the RuntimeEdit script and added a basic way to try and set the material for the selected face. This is currently my code for doing this. if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Alpha1)) { if (currentSelection.IsValid()) { Debug.Log("Set material"); currentSelection.pb.SetFaceMaterial(currentSelection.pb.faces, testMaterial); RefreshSelectedFacePreview(); } } The most confusing part about the "SetFaceMaterial" function, to me at least, is that it was an array of pb_Face. How am I supposed to set the face I want to apply a material to?
  5. If I create some geometry with Probuilder then select the Inspector, under the Pb_Object script there's a read only field called Object Size. How can I get this value via code, or if there's no public accessor, how can I derive these values from what's publicly available? Context: I'm trying to generate objects based on the positions and sizes of geometry I've built with Probuilder.
  6. Nodgez

    Pb_Object ObjectSize

    Hi, I'm having trouble finding out how to access the Object Size property of my Pb_Object in Unity. I want to read this size in my script to get the general area of my play space but I can't find the property in the pb_object type. any idea where i can access this