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Found 3 results

  1. Hi. I've designed an interior with PB. Some of my rooms have oblique walls. I have several prefabs (paintings, posters, luminaries...) which I want to hang on these walls. Is there any way when editing to ensure that they conform (and snap) to the surfaces ? In other words, to make sure the adopt the same orientation as the oblique walls, without having to search for the right rotation amount ? Thanx in advance.
  2. sweetclimusic

    normal thief(stealing?)

    I've read the two threads, but not sure they are the right fit. I am wanting to make soft trees but not with unity tree creator, instead I would like to make trees like this? https://simonschreibt.de/gat/airborn-trees/ basically you have a mass shape thats the tree's body and then the leaves are children that have the same normals as the main tree shape. But the article states this is done in 3ds max or something. So can you do this in Probuilder? I have my tree trunk and I'm now wanting to add the leaves using this style. I've built a untested shader (my first)... as I 've modeled the probuilder mesh that will hold the leaves. Shader "Test Shaders/Normal UV Thief" { Properties { [Normal] _ParentTexBump("Bumpmap",2D) ="bump"{} [Tooltip("Thief Texture is actually the main text to be rerendered")] _ThiefTex("Texture",2D) = "white" {} } SubShader{ Tags{} CGPROGRAM #pragma surface surf StandardSpecular Sampler2D uv_MainTexBump; Sampler2D uv_ThiefTex; struct Input { float2 uv_MainTexBump; float2 uv_ThiefTex; }; #new surface shader for this object void surf (Input IN, inout SurfaceOutput o) { o.Albedo = tex2D (_ThiefTex, IN.uv_ThiefTex).rgba; o.Normal = UnpackNormal (tex2D (_BumpMap, IN.uv_BumpMap)); o.Alpha = 1; } ENDCG } Fallback VertexLit; }
  3. Loving ProBuilder - though I know this is my second post in a short time I've run into the following problem using Unity 5.3.5f1. When I make a more complex shape other than a cube, I start getting errors in the console. Especially after using Flip Normals. The thing is; I load in Interior scenes through the SceneManager and position them at a specific position, parented to a specific empty GameObject. With a simple Interior scene nothing strange happens (read: lightly extruded cube, inverted normals). but when the scene becomes more complex (read: a number of extrusions + inverted normals on 1 "cube") and the game loads the scene + moves it to the right position, the normals stay in their original spot but the meshes (and all other objects such as lights) do seem to move to the correct place. Screenshots showing the problem during runtime: The error(s): My system: Mac OSX 10.11.5 Unity 5.3.5f1 ProBuilder 2.5.0f0 rev 4241