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Found 5 results

  1. WaterlaneStudios

    Lathe and Lofting

    'new to ProBuilder - so apology if features are already there It would be cool to add the following modelling tools - Lathe (spin a profile around an axis) and Lofting (place different shaped paths along a loft path - e.g. profile of a boats hull along a path)
  2. PB doesn't have any delete edge or vertex features, so I'm wondering how I should go about doing something simple like turning this into a plane with just 1 face? I can select all four faces and merge faces, but that leaves all the vertices and edges behind and I can't delete them. How do I do this?
  3. Tommycore

    Bridging between faces.

    Internal bridge on the left, external bridge on the right. Simple: Select two faces, hit bridge, and have the necessary geometry generated between the selected faces. I know how to do it manually, but it would really accelerate the workflow to have it done automatically. Edit: Also, bridging between edgeloops would be wonderful.
  4. Tommycore


    Hi! Another feature I would really love to see is modifiers. Bits and pieces that you can append on your model, that will alter its geometry. Yes, I mean just like 3ds max. It would be extra cool if modifiers were stackable and applicable. A few specific examples: Symmetry Free Form Deformation Lathe Flex MeshSmooth I know, it's a lot to ask, but for now it is just meant as an idea. Cheers =)
  5. Tommycore

    Extrude along spline

    Hi! Here we go, another feature request. Sorry for spamming them, but there are just so many ideas in my head... How about extruding a face (or multiple faces) along a spline? Put in an end scale, a twist, define your spline, hit GO and enjoy. Bonus points for reusable splines. Cheers!