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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I edit some of my meshes with QuickEdit, and when I try to bake lightmaps, I get this Yellow Warning on some my meshes and console "Zero UV area or surface area on mesh", which I previously edited with QuickEdit. As result, lightmaps does not include this meshes even if they are static ( No lightmaps No shadow maps ). The strange things is If I edit 10 meshes with QuickEdit, not all of them affected, just some of them, it is like rolling a dice, chance factor. I use latest version of QuickEdit and Unity 5.6.4p1. This could be a kind of bug which broke the mesh structure so lightmaps does not include them anymore.
  2. Moribito

    Missing Mesh in iOS!

    Hi, I used ProCore Builder to edit my car body mesh and I took a build and tried on my phone mesh gone missing. Any idea ? Test Info Unity: 5.6.3p3 Device: iPhone 6s ( iOS 11.0 ) XCode: 9.0 Macbook Pro: OS Sierra Notes: At the end of ios build from Unity, I get couple of ProCore errors such as mesh and textures However these are informative errors, does not effect the build, build works just fine, but body mesh missing ) I have 5 cars, only this car modified with ProCore, other body meshes fine, just this one is missing ScreenShot same vehicle ( iPhone 6s ) ScreenShot same vehicle ( Macbook Pro )
  3. Hi guys. New to Unity and Probuilder. I have designed a simple room with a door. When on scene mode everything is fine. When I go to play mode and move my character some of the walls seem to disappear. I don't know if I am clear that's why I am posting the above photos. Really sure that is something really simple but I am a newbie!! What I want to achieve is to be able to enter the room and navigate...
  4. Hi, 1) Name of tool - ProBuilder 2) A brief description of the issue: I have been using ProBuilder to edit geometry at runtime and I have got it working how I would like it to, but when I build to mobile (Android) the mesh geometry remains static, it doesn't change at all. 3) My system environment: Windows 10, Unity 5.5.2, ProBuilder 2.7.0f7, LG g5 (Android 7.0) 5) List of steps, clearly explaining how to replicate the issue: I crated a 3x3 square with a hole in the middle I then selected the four inner faces and scale extruded them inward (x and z only) to create a smaller square. I then wrote the script below to take each of the inner faces of the small hole and move the vertices inward. (see GIF) shows an example of this. I then built the scene to mobile and when it loads none of the geometry is affected. public class retractedges : MonoBehaviour { public pb_Object surrounding; pb_Face[] selectedFaces; int count = 0; void Start () { pb_Face face1, face2, face3, face4; //four triangles from the inner squares of the object. int [] tri1 = new int[]{158, 159, 157}; int [] tri2 = new int[]{24, 25, 26}; int [] tri3 = new int[]{52, 53, 54}; int [] tri4 = new int[]{84, 85, 86}; //get a face for each triangle pb_Object_Utility.FaceWithTriangle(surrounding, tri1, out face1); pb_Object_Utility.FaceWithTriangle(surrounding, tri2, out face2); pb_Object_Utility.FaceWithTriangle(surrounding, tri3, out face3); pb_Object_Utility.FaceWithTriangle(surrounding, tri4, out face4); //add faces to array selectedFaces = new pb_Face[]{face1, face2, face3, face4}; } void Update () { count++; foreach(var face in selectedFaces) { //create a temporary array with one face to get all triangles pb_Face[] tempArray = new pb_Face[1]; tempArray[0] = face; var tris = pb_Face.AllTriangles(tempArray); //generate offset from face normal var offset = pb_Math.Normal(surrounding, face) * -0.000025f * count; //offset the faces vertices pb_Object_Utility.TranslateVertices(surrounding, tris, offset); } surrounding.ToMesh(); surrounding.Refresh(); } }
  5. I have scripts to swap or scroll textures from a mesh of a PB Object, when I just play the scene with only one object there is no error poping up and scripts executes just fine, I cannot say the same when two or more objects are in the scene: "Not allowed to access uv on mesh", something that I cannot modify the object's mesh, applying new settings on it or something else. I read somewhere else I need to turn mesh into writable one but I have no idea how to accomplish that with PB Objects. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, One of our level designers just submitted a scene to our Git repository, but we found that the scene file was very large (> 100 MB). The scene is actually quite simple, since it consists of the same building copied about 100 times. The building object was created with ProBuilder, then made into a prefab by dragging it to a prefabs folder, then copied a bunch of times. After trying doing this myself, I saw that the mesh generated is actually not reused, hence why there is so much unique mesh data, even if it is supposed to be the exact same. Is this supposed to happen? How should we do it instead? My understanding of (traditional Unity) prefabs is that the mesh data is just stored one time in memory and then reused for each instantiated clone in the scene. How does this work with ProBuilder? I also recorded a GIF to show the situation:
  7. Loving ProBuilder - though I know this is my second post in a short time I've run into the following problem using Unity 5.3.5f1. When I make a more complex shape other than a cube, I start getting errors in the console. Especially after using Flip Normals. The thing is; I load in Interior scenes through the SceneManager and position them at a specific position, parented to a specific empty GameObject. With a simple Interior scene nothing strange happens (read: lightly extruded cube, inverted normals). but when the scene becomes more complex (read: a number of extrusions + inverted normals on 1 "cube") and the game loads the scene + moves it to the right position, the normals stay in their original spot but the meshes (and all other objects such as lights) do seem to move to the correct place. Screenshots showing the problem during runtime: The error(s): My system: Mac OSX 10.11.5 Unity 5.3.5f1 ProBuilder 2.5.0f0 rev 4241
  8. Tommycore


    Hi! Another feature I would really love to see is modifiers. Bits and pieces that you can append on your model, that will alter its geometry. Yes, I mean just like 3ds max. It would be extra cool if modifiers were stackable and applicable. A few specific examples: Symmetry Free Form Deformation Lathe Flex MeshSmooth I know, it's a lot to ask, but for now it is just meant as an idea. Cheers =)
  9. Mickman

    Glitchy FPS Mesh

    So, I've been using ProBuilder and love it, but I have one problem. When I use the Standard Assets FPS Controller, my character seems to bob up and down when walking and sometimes floats in mid air. If anyone has the same problem / had the same problem or knows what's wrong please help. Thanks!
  10. tango209

    UNet Mesh Disappears

    I have a ProBuilder prefab with a Network Identity attached to it that is dropped into the scene multiple times. When I send a command to the server to destroy any of the scene instances it destroys the selected instance (by netId sent to the server), but all the other instances of that prefab lose their Mesh Filter values (Mesh Filter: [none]; Mesh: Missing (Mesh)). A built in Unity cube with the same non-ProBuilder components works as expected.
  11. So I am just starting to use ProBuilder and ProGrids for the first time. I am currently on team that is developing a diablo clone for a video game design class at University of Louisiana at Lafayette. We are using some assets from the asset store. They are http://u3d.as/content/manufactura-k4-michael-o-/top-down-dungeons-mobile/4rc and http://u3d.as/content/manufactura-k4-michael-o-/top-down-assets/3Ly Now let me dive into the problem I am running into. So I create a new ProBuilder object. Then I go and change the mesh filter to one that is from the assets I linked above. Once I click anywhere else in the scene or on another object the mesh filter gets changed back to the default. This isn't too much of a problem since all of the prefabs from the assets seem to have probably been made in ProBuilder because all of the no draw and light mapping is already set up. I just wanted to start from scratch so I could get the hang of using ProBuilder for future projects. Thanks for all the help.