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Found 10 results

  1. Hi there, thanks for your awesome tools! We're struggling with an issue in Probuider v2.9.8f3 On a probuilderized FBX with materials in Unity 2017.3.0f3, after merging it into one mesh via probuilder and making it a Unity prefab, it's impossible to change materials anymore, they are locked, any change is reverted if pressing "Apply" on the prefab. Steps : import an FBX file with materials in it > Probuilderize it > Merge it > Make it a Prefab > try to assign new materials via the materials array > Press Apply prefab Hope you have a solution! Thanks! * Only "solution" i found was stipping Probuilder scripts on the prefab, then materials were editable again. But...it erases the pb_mesh and it end up with an empty prefab (By the way stripping Probuilder scripts should delete the mesh too? Is it normal stripping behaviour?) Thanks! Sebastien
  2. sandbucket

    Polybrush blend materials?

    Hey all, I was wondering if PolyBrush can blend materials with heightmaps/ normalmaps? I've seen tutorials with blending , but only using flat textures. Let me know and thanks.
  3. Raymond

    Texture Atlasing

    Hello, I just purchased ProBuilder Advanced. I have been using 3d Max which I am good at but I wanted to give ProBuilder a chance to get things done faster. My game is intended for Mobile and I need to be careful with drawcalls by using materials wisely. This brings me to my question. I like how you can assign materials to individual planes of a object but this can cause a single game object to have several different materials assigned to it, thus increasing drawcalls unnecessarily. I have the asset "Pro Draw Call Optimizer". Will ProBuilder game objects atlas the same way as other non PB game objects using a texture atlasing program. I am hoping to merge all those materials back into one material and one texture. Thanks, Raymond
  4. Hi, I use the material editor constantly and I'd love to be able to load different pallete sets of materials in the hotkeys slots I could for example, load a pallete of plaster walls, then swap to wood floors, then brick walls, etc It would save me a ton of time and seems easy to implement. Please consider this. Thanks!
  5. Hey guys! I have a bit of a text dump and what I'm assuming are going to be some terribly naive questions/issues, so please bear with me and apologies in advance!! Obnoxious bolding to make this easier to skim, not because I'm shouting! So I've been developing exclusively in 2D for the last couple of years, and ProBuilder has been a big push and enormous help in tackling my first fully 3D project, which I've been cranking away on for the last five-six months. I'm coming to Unity and game development as a whole with an art production background more than a programming/game dev background, so I'm very much learning as I go along. That's a long way of saying please forgive any ignorance/dumb questions! I'm making an exploration game where, each time a scene loads, 8-15 (up to 20 max) rooms built in ProBuilder are instantiated at runtime/randomly placed around the scene and the player has to navigate through those rooms to reach a goal that sends them to the next level -- another scene made up of randomly placed rooms that are instantiated at runtime. Rinse and repeat until a certain number of goals are met. I've made all of the 3D assets in the game with ProBuilder -- the rooms, corridors, doors, props, etc. -- and I'm very pleased with how everything's turned out from an art perspective, and just in general. The big issue I'm facing now is reducing draw calls, as, while the game generally sticks around 500-600 draw calls, it can spike up to 1300+ based on where the player is in the scene and what they're looking at. I'm at that point where I've realized I probably could've built a bunch of stuff more efficiently, and I'm trying to see what I can do to optimize both performance and level load times this late in the game. I'm working with occlusion culling and have disabled all unnecessary colliders in each "room" (each room is a prefab with nested prop prefabs inside), and while that certainly helps the draw call count, it still spikes higher than I'd like. Since I'm using ambient lighting/no in-scene dynamic lighting or shadows or reflective surfaces/etc (I'm aiming for a grainier/more low-poly feel throughout), I feel like the draw call count shouldn't be that high. So one of the big things I think might be contributing to the draw call count is that every game object created with ProBuilder -- from the rooms to the props (TV set, bookshelf + books, etc etc) has 2-8 materials on it. Which, argh, I know, I just realized that I should've applied one material to each object and vertex painted the colors onto each face from the get-go, but I honest to goodness didn't think of that -- I've been using a workflow of creating a new diffuse material for each flat color, putting those in the material editor palette, and applying as needed across all of the surfaces. Almost all of my materials are flat hex colors, so I could feasibly go back through each scene and prop and re-paint them all individually, but before I do that (which oof that will take a long long while but I will 100% do it if it'll help!), I wanted to check in here with you much smarter folks and see if you think: A ) There might be a simpler way to tackle this. B ) If reducing the number of materials across all of the props/rooms/etc will significantly reduce the draw calls. C ) If there's anything else I could be doing to reduce that draw call count and potentially improve load times. For the record, the game runs very well on my newer machine, and the load times range from 2-5 seconds for each scene, which I don't think is unreasonable, but since I'm working with such simple geometry and no fancy shaders/lighting effects/audio, I really feel like I can be optimizing this a lot better, and would be thrilled to have any advice. Oh, also! I enabled "Meshes are Assets" last night after digging around on the forums, and while I'm not seeing a big change right now, I'm hoping it'll help as I progress. If you've read this far, I really appreciate it (and you)!! Thanks for your bearing with me, and thanks for your time. You are great!
  6. benhurvillar

    2 materials in the same face

    Hi. I'm not sure if this is a bug, but... I'm using ProBuilder and trying to put 2 different materials in the same object. Not in different planes, one over another. In any other 3D object in Unity, it's just change the material number to 2 and add a second material. In my case, I'm using a wireframe material over another standard material. It seems to work in the editor. But when I hit play, the second material gone. I stop the game, and the material return. This is when I'm in editor mode. The building of a pb mesh is with 2 materials. And this is when I play the scene. The character in front have the same material setup, but was made in 3ds max. So... is it happening some error, or the pb meshes doesn't accept 2 materials simultaneously?
  7. Protozoaire

    Material issue with face mode

    - Windows 10 x64 - Unity 5.2.2f1 Personal - ProBuilder 2.4.11f0 1) If the face selection mode is activated (edge and vertex modes not tested), it's not possible to drag and drop a new material to a PB GameObject. 2) If we drag and drop the new material to the Mesh Renderer Component, it works ... but if we load the scene again and select the PB GameObject, the old material is back again :
  8. Whenever I apply a material to a selection of faces (part of the mesh), the face selection then becomes messed up for some part of the mesh. I click on one face, and another is selected (but not for all faces). It's like the indices of the faces is rearranged for material sorting, but the selection algorithm doesn't know. I've tried a few of the repair options, but I haven't found one that works. What does fix the issue is reloading the scene. But I'd rather not do that constantly when trying to apply some textures.
  9. Let's create a ProBuilder-Cube and open the Material Editor. Now I select the cube as an object and press Alt-1, so the whole cube as the material 1. But now I decide to use another material for one side. So I select this side and press Alt-2. But now this side has to materials. How can I get rid of the first material?
  10. Hi! I realise this isn't particularly a ProCore specific question, I guess, but I figure that this might be a great place to ask so please excuse me if I've overstepped any bounds here. I wonder if it would be possible to modify the face materials during game play for ProBuilder meshes. The idea here is that as the player (side scroller) moves forward in the world, the world around him changes colours/textures. Here is a horribly photoshopped examply of what I'm looking to do, somewhat. It would require each of those faces to be changed individually as the player moves forward. I worry both on the possibility, but if possible, the overhead this could accrue. Has anyone tried this approach before?