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Found 6 results

  1. How do I scale while extruding a face on a mac. For the life of me ... I can't figure it out...
  2. eiprol

    Can't build iOS (mac os)

    Hi, Today I updated my whole procore bundle to 2.6.7.f4, and I have Unity 5.5 on MAC OS. (I only use probuilder on this project) Whenever I try to build for iOS, now I get many errors and nothing gets built. It can be seen on the attached image (sorry for the quality, I'm now on the phone, but tomorrow will be able to post more) (Note: I can not really understand why it’s looking for an exe file, when I'm working on a OS X environment) Regards, Sergio
  3. When using Probuilders Hoy keys to toggle between function (example "G" key) the Alert sounds chimes which is the default to tell the user the input is bad or needs attention. The hot key function normally as intended but triggers the Alert sound. I think this has to do with unity's hotkey map, and Probuilder using keys that aren't part of the unity default mapping. System Mac OX 10.9.5 Unity 5.4.0f1 Probuilder - 2.6.2f0 thanks Incognito
  4. NathanD

    UI not visible

    Hi, I bought ProGroups today, but it seems like the UI is not showing up. I cannot do anything besides making groups. I'm using Unity3D Ver. 5.3.4f1 on my mac. Really weird, since I got ProGrids 2 yesterday and that doesn't have any problems. Hopefully somebody can help me out.
  5. jojo8026

    UE4 Mac Version Update

    Any update on the mac version, you havent updated the UE4 community in months and its really frustrating when we dont know whats going on?
  6. Rysig

    Bugged mesh merge

    -Operating System MAC OSX 10.10.3 (Yosemite) -Unity 5.0.2f1 -ProBuilder 2.4.4f1 (r3385) The mesh created after merging two other meshes behaves strange, it becomes visible only when viewed from certain angles (wireframe is still there anyway) and when pressing F the camera goes far away, as if the mesh was very big. Depending from where its viewed it appears or disappears This is when it's frame selected As soon as you try to edit the mesh it comes back to normal, also gets fixed after a forced refresh