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Found 9 results

  1. I'm getting some weird, what looks kinda like AO noise in my scene after lightmapping, as you can see. Here are my lighting settings Any ideas? I really struggle with Unity's lighting system, and as I have AO off I don't know what could be causing this. I've generated UV2's, repaired, and etc more than once as I've looked for the issue but can't find anything. Edit/ noticed the typo in the title, but can't fix :/
  2. Trevir

    Lightmap breaks on game run.

    Hello! I am having issues with my lightmapping with Probuilder. The initial bake is fine, but when I run the game the map 'breaks' (see attached image). Only after modifying the Probuilder model and then undoing the newly preformed change will the lightmap fix itself, but this is only a temporary fix. After the game is stopped,the next time the game is run the lightmap breaks again. I cannot seem to find a permanent fix to this. Ive tried reimporting Probuilder and creating a new project, and neither have worked. Probuilder 2.6.2f0 Unity 5.3.0f3 Windows 10
  3. I am using Probuilder Basic for a few prototyping on a procedurally generated map. As such, I need to instantiate the map on Runtime, which consists of creating several Prefab Rooms. Since Unity 5 doesn't support Lightmapped Prefabs, Unity's employees provided a sample project with a solution in this thread: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/problems-with-instantiating-baked-prefabs.324514/ The solution basically consists of baking every prefab in a separate scene, saving the lightmap data in a special script which, on Awake, adds the lightmap information to the instantiated prefab in whatever scene it is instantiated in. This method worked well in Unity's basic shapes. However, in Probuilder's objects, this happens: The lightmap shows unmapped in each face's corner. After some experimentation, I noticed that, while playing, double flipping the object's normals, or calling "conform normals" fixed the object, becoming this: And after some more experimentation, I concluded that the method which fixes the UVs is "ProBuilder2.EditorCommon.pb_Editor_Mesh_Utility.Optimize()". This Optimize method somehow fixes the UVs, but since it is an editor method, I can't even call it in the object's start to fix the UVs. Also, since I can't see what's inside, I can't know what is fixing the UV's. Can someone help me find a solution to this problem? Thank you very much. Xkynar
  4. While tinkering with baked lightmaps and their optimization, I stumbled upon an issue with UV2's. Debugging and trying to fix it in numerous ways, I have traced the issue to be ProBuilder related, though. But it's interesting... Beforehand, though: Unity, 5.3.4f1 (fdbb5133b820) Personal ProBuilder, 2.4.11f0 (4081) I have Disabled Auto UV2 Generation in preferences Which also means, I am generating UV2's manually before baking. Additional tools used: UVee (no, I am not affiliated) Relevant package parts (scenes, prefabs, lightmaps) exported and attached to post. TLDR: Hey, this is a bug report! But anyways... It appears that ProBuilder messes up baking with inward-normal objects (overgeneralization [main problem + additional 1st. paragraph], better read the long one) - providing erroneous UV2. Not initially though, it can be noticed only after the baking has taken place. Stripping ProBuilder references seems to fix it, though. Sounds illogical, I know... but that's how I traced it. Generalized steps: I started off by laying out my objects, then - deleted invisible faces (well, I had only 1 here). Next up - lights. Then - unwrapping. I am not using the Auto UV's, so, I auto-stitched them by hand and did some tweaking how I liked (nothing special). Though, I left the tiling in place. Now, I am almost ready to bake, just have to generate UV2's - that's an operation I immediately carry out. Now baking... and the error is here - reproducible. Object setup: I have three objects and 4 lights. The three objects and how they were built: outside — ProBuilder cube @ 0, 0, 0. Extended (not extruded) left face -10 units, right +10 units, back -10 units, front +10units, up +6units. Object size: 21, 7, 21. inside — Cloned outside. Flipped normals. Shrinked left face +1 unit, right -1 unit, back +1 unit, front -1 unit, up -1 unit, down +1 unit. Object size: 19, 5, 19. Both objects have 1 unit hollow space between them. spongebox — ProBuilder cube @ 0, 1, 0. Shrinked up face -0.5 units. Extended left -4 units, right +4 units, front +1 unit, back -1 unit. Object size: 9, 0.5, 3. Vertex colored to fuchsia - cute, just for irradiance. Four lights: rightlight — point @ 6, 3.5, 0. Range 12. Light, light blue (simulate cold). leftlight — point @ -6, 3.5, 0. Range 12. Light, light orange (simulate warm). sunlight — directional @ 0, 20, 0 / 50, -30, 0. Light, light peach. bottomburst — spot @ -20, -14.14, -20 / -45, 135, 0. Angle 90. Acidic green. All lights are set to baked and provide soft shadowing. In other words, the scene is very simple (inside view). Lighting settings: For the sake of this reproduction and report, I did utilize almost default settings. Though - turned off skybox, set ambience to color - pitch black, removed reflection cubemap (set custom) as to make it black/disable. Baked GI only. General GI set to Non-Directional. Problem: Back to the problem. So, scene - done, UV's done, UV2's done, lighting settings done. Build! *crunch, baking, crunch, crunch* outside - nice. inside - what the (artifacts and diagonals)? Let us check baked intensity. outside - nice. spongebox - nice. inside - where are my triangles? What the? Checking UV2's with UVee displays that the "triangles are really missing" there (view with background texture). (Another view, better visual, without background) Okay, but is it really ProBuilders fault? Lets regenerate UV2's once more and check with UVee. Wait - it's good here. (link to image with background) Let us bake again. *crunch, crunch, baking, crunch* Same erroneous result. What about UVee? Bah, yeah, "triangles are missing". As for the "triangles are missing" - it actually appears that the problem is with the two corresponding vertices, or more precisely - the connections to them. Which makes the triangle to appear invisible, where actually it is simply connected erroneously. (The overlap makes the triangle) Anyways, this doesn't show that the problem might be with ProBuilder. Well, given that ProBuilder generates proper UV2's, what if... I "Generate UV2"s again and stripped all ProBuilder references and built then? Huzzah, problem solved! Additional: I attempted to create the inside object without flip-normalling the box, but simply starting from plane and extruding the edges to make the same shape (welded afterwards). Same problem. Attempted because I thought that flipped normals are to blame. I have tried various stuff - refreshing scene, removing degenerate triangles, inverting UV scale (not even knowing what it actually does)... to no avail, the only thing that solved it was stripping ProBuilder references. If I am to load the erroneous scene (uv2-bug-probuilder) that still contains ProBuilder references, I get the black triangles projected onto scene initially. Though, clicking on anything in the scene (selects ProBuilder object, probably causes scene view repaint) flips back to the fancily-shaded variant. Oh, another catch inbefore posting. If I am to bake the lights in this black triangle state - it will mess up the lightmaps big-time (this somewhat proves that there is a problem with ProBuilder as UV2's hadn't been changed). Will elaborate further tomorrow... The interesting part: Sorry, but due to my software development nature and curious nature, I ILSpy'ed into the DLL and checked what exactly does the "Generate UV2" does. Seeing that it utilizes Unity's own library I am totally lost as to why it happens and why it's solved when PB is stripped from scene. Extra test cases: To look into it a little further... Given that the scene is getting baked properly if there are no ProBuilder references, what if I re-ProBuilderize'd the scene again and baked then? Apparently, it doesn't work straight away. The bake is almost pitch black. It does bake something, actually close to expected result, but super tiny (mapped onto a corner of the scene), also the shading in general is messed up - which is somewhat strange too. Though, after the bake I checked UV2's again - there were none, so probably that is the issue. Which is interesting again - why did the UV2's went away in the first place? All I did was re-ProBuilderize. (After writing this, I duplicated the stripped scene and re-ProBuilderize'd to check if UV2's are preserved - well, they aren't. So, obvious the bake won't work - hence no screens.) An interesting problem arises again when I re-ProBuilderize and also regenerate UV2's (knowing from 1st. case) and then bake. The bake appears.... abnormal... outside inside Though, the lightmaps appear to be correct. Checking UV2's with UVee reports correct results (no erroneous vertices/triangles - neither did UV2's change after bake as was witnessed before), but there are discrepancies with baked intensity preview. Something is wrong with scaling... how come, though? Gut says it might be related to core issue, anyways, some pics... (oops, appears I took imaged background views, but hey, the UV2's were good at this point) outside spongebox inside Okay, let us try refreshing - yes, after refreshing references, the following bake was correct, didn't include those messed up triangles/vertices (I didn't pay much attention, but after refresh, the scene becomes somewhat properly lit even without re-bake, might be that it's actually good already then. Though, the next bake still takes full time, so Unity "senses" some changes there.). Ha, while saving these scenes for package, this scene, even before refresh - once was reloaded (found out by duplicating and loading into the duplicated one, and then back), showed expected results (in both cases - the dupe and the source). The above re-ProBuilderize cases were utilized with Preserve Faces option. These cases are made by duplicating the (uv2-bug-stripped) scene (make sure to clear lightmap and reload, as to not over-bake other scene's data). I was going to attempt to carry out those 2 extra cases without Preserve Faces option, but given that the first attempt lost it's UV2's - I suppose the same results can be expected and I got a little tired from this in-depth analysis... Pictures stored in this album: http://imgur.com/a/w6QLI In hopes you can follow this and catch the MF'er. P.S. Ah.. Had to link images, couldn't post with "more images than I am allowed to". uv2-bug.zip
  5. Sensual Lettuce

    Probuilder lightmap black spots

    1) Name of tool Probuilder 2) A brief description of the issue I have purchased some 3D assets. I want to trim the assets using probuilder. I trim the assets. I bake the lightmap and it looks very wrong. 3) Your system environment (Operating system, version of Unity, version of tool) Windows 7 Ultimate Unity 5.1.1p2 Latest Probuilder v3425 (downloaded latest version yesterday) 4) Full description of issue I have purchased some 3d models that I would like to trim because the game is viewed isometrically, thus I don't need a backside to most objects. I have been having trouble with this for awhile. Here is picture1: http://i.imgur.com/Yu9gnSt.jpg Here is picture2: http://i.imgur.com/hIw9WzN.jpg please let me know if you need more pictures. Picture 1: Those deep black spots are unnatural as far as lighting, I have no idea what's causing it. Picture 2: The building on the left was "working." It still had the problem with the black spots appearing but I was able to add lights around it to fix the black spots. Now I trimed the second building on the right and placed them next to each other. Now it has messed up both buildings. I don't want to work around this problem by using more lights because it takes a very long time to bake and most scenes don't look good with the extra lights. This has happened in the past where one object would mess up nearby objects even those that aren't probuilder objects. I have tried adjusting the UV2, changing to box projected, planar, to auto. I tried disabling the automatic UV2 generation in probuilder preferences. 5) List of steps, clearly explaining how to replicate the issue I apologize, I don't know how to recreate the problem on your side. Should I send you a 3d object? Or share screen with you? 1. Trim nearly half the of the triangles on an object 2. Go to lightmap it 3. Problem occurs 6) Any other comments/etc I have restarted my computer to see if that was the problem. This problem still occurs. However now I cannot select all faces on an object. Under elements, choose faces, drag a box around your object to highlight all the faces, it will only grab half of the faces. I tried using all 3 different geometry editors (faces, vertex, and edges). Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  6. -Using Probuilder -Light leaking through closed areas -Using Unity 4.6.4, Windows 7, and ProBuilder 2 -I have built a small area to walk a player into, but with the direction light that provides the light for the rest of my map, from the edges(I think) there is light leaking in to the closed area. -Build single cube, increase its size for ease of use and flip normals. Inside of the cube, with a direction light pointing at it from the outside, there is leaking light (As show in the attached picture) -This is my first time using Probuilder after coming from a simpler world editor, so maybe I'm just missing something that is in my face, apologies if that is the case.
  7. Hi, When I tried to back my scene (all objects are statics of course), I have some objects made with Probuilder 2.3 who gave me a warning and .. there are not backed. Please see the image attached. Thanks a lot. Best regards, AB
  8. Hey guys, ive run into this problem several times. The first time i run light-mapping, everything static that needs to be, buildings, lights ect. I click the bake button and it takes time to do its thing. Its definitely doing something as it takes about 30 seconds for my small scene. But after a while the beast takes a mega dump and dosnt want to produce light on the surfaces anymore. So after cleaning the beasts craped out light-maps and resetting the uv settings on all objects via the UV tool in probuilder. I try again to find that the directional light does absolutely bugger all... Cant wait to buy unity 5 and for it to be released for GI. So much less hassle than this. Any ideas what is actualy going wrong?
  9. The lighting in my scene was working as expected for a while. I pressed "prepare scene for lightmap" and now all objects with missing faces are being lit as if they were transparent after baking. I have read the documentation and watched the videos demonstrating this feature but the settings I'm presented with are new/not mentioned. Link to settings in question Is what I am experiencing a bug or just a feature I don't understand / can't find info on? I would like to know how to undo this or know how to fix it. Any help or explanation of these controls would be very appreciated. My version is 2.2.5b2