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Found 8 results

  1. UndyingSpite

    Light baking artefacts

    Hi, i got problems with baking artefacts shown in the images. I used the boolean (CSG) tool to substract the door entry (arch) from the walls and merged all faces, also rebuild UV2 channel. Any idea how i can fix this? Thx! Holger : ProBuilder 2.9.8f.3 : Unity 2017.3.0f3
  2. Hi, I've got a problem with my light. I want the light to be reflective to illuminate the world but not throught the wall I try to make the back wall with cube, plane, with a hole behind the pillar or all in one piece. The pillar and the floor have the shadow object of proBuilder but I want to avoid that because that erase the reflection I want a result more like this
  3. Augusto

    Edge Glitch

    I' m making a interior skeleton scene and for that i create a cube and remove some parts for windows and flip normals to create a interior but i have this light stripes, what could be that ?
  4. Hey guys I saw the video above a few months back and thought, what a good idea. But now that I have a use for it, I'm unable to find it in the current version (2.9.1f0). Just wondering was it removed because of problems or is this some sort of oversight.
  5. Trevir

    Lightmap breaks on game run.

    Hello! I am having issues with my lightmapping with Probuilder. The initial bake is fine, but when I run the game the map 'breaks' (see attached image). Only after modifying the Probuilder model and then undoing the newly preformed change will the lightmap fix itself, but this is only a temporary fix. After the game is stopped,the next time the game is run the lightmap breaks again. I cannot seem to find a permanent fix to this. Ive tried reimporting Probuilder and creating a new project, and neither have worked. Probuilder 2.6.2f0 Unity 5.3.0f3 Windows 10
  6. Hello again, guys! Well, my question is not about ProBuilder, so.. if there is a problem posting here, let me know. I've searched over the internet and I couldn't find a solution for this (or even a explaining). When I setup my scene with lights, the reflection effect in the ground is awesome, exactly what I was looking for to seem wet. BUT, when my scene is baked, all reflections are gone. (Note: in this second image, some effects are off and the lightmap setup is low) There is something that I should do, or am I missing something?
  7. Hey guys, ive run into this problem several times. The first time i run light-mapping, everything static that needs to be, buildings, lights ect. I click the bake button and it takes time to do its thing. Its definitely doing something as it takes about 30 seconds for my small scene. But after a while the beast takes a mega dump and dosnt want to produce light on the surfaces anymore. So after cleaning the beasts craped out light-maps and resetting the uv settings on all objects via the UV tool in probuilder. I try again to find that the directional light does absolutely bugger all... Cant wait to buy unity 5 and for it to be released for GI. So much less hassle than this. Any ideas what is actualy going wrong?
  8. wolfen420

    Lighting issues.

    In either Deferred or Forward rendering I am getting some strange lighting happening with point lights. In the attached image, can anyone tell me why this might be happening? It doesn't seem to me to be a issue of the light reaching verts because as we can see the other wall lights up some what as expected. Edit: Never mind. I had a normal map set to texture. Set it to normal map and all seems fine now. =)