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Found 3 results

  1. So for a while I've noticed that sometimes my scenes become slow to start when I hit play in the editor. And I also noticed that if I just make a new scene and put the same stuff in it as the previous scene had, it will start fast again. Well just now I narrowed it down to something more specific. I have a prototype scene that looks something like this: So not horribly complex, but not completely trivial either. Note that the level geometry, as in the orange ground level and the grey "buildings" are all a single mesh. Let me know if it is a known issue that large meshes cause problems. So anyways, If I put that into a new scene as a prefab, it starts quickly just fine. But if I then do a change to it, just something small, like extrude a face, the editor starts to freeze for a couple of seconds between actions and playmode starting will be slow as well. I noticed that if I disable the gameobject, the play mode starts slow, but if I remove it from the scene, it will start fast again. For reference, my computer specs: i5 3570k @ 4.1Ghz, GTX 670 Windforce 3, 8GB Ram, Unity installed on an SSD drive. (Note, my Windows temporary folder is on another drive which is not an SSD, in case that plays a role.)
  2. i tried ProBuilder (Prototype) a few months back and it worked like a charm then. Today I downloaded the latest version 2.4.11f0 but notice some lag when extruding. the scene view constantly freezes for a second or two while extruding faces. also the faces texture changes to horizontal lines when being extruded which never happened previously. has anyone else experienced these issues? system specs: macbook air yosemite 2013 with Unity 5.3.4 personal + probuilder basic 2.4.11f0. was thinking of upgrading to pro during the community sale but not sure if its my system that's causing the lag or is it pb? everything else works well without any lag. i use blender and there's no such problem. appreciate the help, thanks!
  3. Gibmation

    Pause/Lag between editing PBOs

    Hi Guys, Using Unity Pro 5.1.1f1 I have a lot of objects on scene. The objects have not been created with PB. These objects are in ProGroup layers and visibility is turned off on these layers. So only the PBOs are currently visible in editor. I am experiencing some sort of lag while editing PBOs. I am starting off with a simple cube and just creating walls and arches. Eg. If I drag or manually extrude a face, there is a pause between the time I drag and the time it actually moves on screen while this happens the unity is frozen. If I delete or merge faces, maybe only 4 in number, although I can see faces get deleted/merged in seconds on screen, the editor pauses or lags and unity is again frozen - it can take up to 5mins for the editor to become usable again. However I don't get this issue when doing other stuff like connecting or bridging edges. There are no errors in console. You can get a videoclip of this here: http://linares.gi/video/Probuilder.rar As you can imagine a couple minutes lag every time between actions renders ProBuilder practically unusable. Thanks for your help Gus