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Found 2 results

  1. Moribito

    Missing Mesh in iOS!

    Hi, I used ProCore Builder to edit my car body mesh and I took a build and tried on my phone mesh gone missing. Any idea ? Test Info Unity: 5.6.3p3 Device: iPhone 6s ( iOS 11.0 ) XCode: 9.0 Macbook Pro: OS Sierra Notes: At the end of ios build from Unity, I get couple of ProCore errors such as mesh and textures However these are informative errors, does not effect the build, build works just fine, but body mesh missing ) I have 5 cars, only this car modified with ProCore, other body meshes fine, just this one is missing ScreenShot same vehicle ( iPhone 6s ) ScreenShot same vehicle ( Macbook Pro )
  2. eiprol

    Can't build iOS (mac os)

    Hi, Today I updated my whole procore bundle to 2.6.7.f4, and I have Unity 5.5 on MAC OS. (I only use probuilder on this project) Whenever I try to build for iOS, now I get many errors and nothing gets built. It can be seen on the attached image (sorry for the quality, I'm now on the phone, but tomorrow will be able to post more) (Note: I can not really understand why it’s looking for an exe file, when I'm working on a OS X environment) Regards, Sergio