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Found 2 results

  1. Hi , Im working on the runtime version for ProBuilder and im stack on the gizmo orientation local or planar for the face or vertex . any build in function to get it right ? I know that we have a function to get the normal for the face : Vector3 targetAxis = pb_Math.Normal(pbUtil.ValuesWithIndices(currentSelection.pb.VerticesInWorldSpace(), currentSelection.face.distinctIndices)) and for the axis creation i give this values to each axe: xDirection = Vector3.Cross(Vector3.up.normalized, targetAxis.normalized); yDirection = Vector3.up; zDirection = targetAxis; but the X and Z axes are not moving the right way when i rotate the object on the Y axe . Any idea or help plz ?
  2. We just updated to Unity 5.1.1f1 and QuickDecals v2.0.9 r.3385 and we're finding that the gizmo rendering for decals are killing the editor when enabled during runtime. We have quite a lot in our scene, perhaps 120ish. If we uncheck 'qd_Decals' in the scene view Gizmos menu, runtime works totally fine. But enabled, the performance completely drops to the point where the editor is frozen. Also, this seems to only occur when both the scene and game views are undocked or visible at the same time. Is this a bug? Or could we be doing something incorrectly? Cheers