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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everybody, I am completely new to pro builder and I encountered a strange behavior of my object when I try to edit its geometry. I have a simple cube and I want to "flatten" the edges like this: But when I move the verticies further out I get something that looks like this: What happens here? I just split the edges of the cube and moved the verticies. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, 1) Name of tool - ProBuilder 2) A brief description of the issue: I have been using ProBuilder to edit geometry at runtime and I have got it working how I would like it to, but when I build to mobile (Android) the mesh geometry remains static, it doesn't change at all. 3) My system environment: Windows 10, Unity 5.5.2, ProBuilder 2.7.0f7, LG g5 (Android 7.0) 5) List of steps, clearly explaining how to replicate the issue: I crated a 3x3 square with a hole in the middle I then selected the four inner faces and scale extruded them inward (x and z only) to create a smaller square. I then wrote the script below to take each of the inner faces of the small hole and move the vertices inward. (see GIF) shows an example of this. I then built the scene to mobile and when it loads none of the geometry is affected. public class retractedges : MonoBehaviour { public pb_Object surrounding; pb_Face[] selectedFaces; int count = 0; void Start () { pb_Face face1, face2, face3, face4; //four triangles from the inner squares of the object. int [] tri1 = new int[]{158, 159, 157}; int [] tri2 = new int[]{24, 25, 26}; int [] tri3 = new int[]{52, 53, 54}; int [] tri4 = new int[]{84, 85, 86}; //get a face for each triangle pb_Object_Utility.FaceWithTriangle(surrounding, tri1, out face1); pb_Object_Utility.FaceWithTriangle(surrounding, tri2, out face2); pb_Object_Utility.FaceWithTriangle(surrounding, tri3, out face3); pb_Object_Utility.FaceWithTriangle(surrounding, tri4, out face4); //add faces to array selectedFaces = new pb_Face[]{face1, face2, face3, face4}; } void Update () { count++; foreach(var face in selectedFaces) { //create a temporary array with one face to get all triangles pb_Face[] tempArray = new pb_Face[1]; tempArray[0] = face; var tris = pb_Face.AllTriangles(tempArray); //generate offset from face normal var offset = pb_Math.Normal(surrounding, face) * -0.000025f * count; //offset the faces vertices pb_Object_Utility.TranslateVertices(surrounding, tris, offset); } surrounding.ToMesh(); surrounding.Refresh(); } }
  3. To reproduce this, here are the steps: 1. open a new scene 2. import the latest polybrush 0.9.10b0 using unity 5.5.0f3 3. make a cube. scale it out and flaten to make the floor in the scene - set it to static 4. make a regular sized cube so it is casting a shadow on the floor (choose a non zero location like 2 meters away from zero). Paint half of this cube with a transparent color and the other with a solid. Set this to static as well. Close the polybrush window. 5. Set the sunlight to "bake". Wait for your scene to bake that shadow into the floor. 6. Hit play. Your cube mesh will appear somewhewere else while your collider of the cube stays in place. Doesn't matter what shader. They all seem to do the same. I am using Windows10 I even redownloaded polybrush right before typing this. Same result. Also, here is a video: https://youtu.be/ECh7duN1u7g - Mack
  4. yagero

    Shape Tool bugs

    Hi guys, I found several bugs when creating "advanced" geometry with the Shape Tool box in ProBuilder. Sometimes there are some weird limitations, and sometimes some differences between the preview and the geometry created. Please note I am using PB 2.6.4f1 with Unity 5.4.0f3 Here is a non-exhaustive list of "bugs" I encountered (I will update the list each time I find a new one) - Create an arch with N sides ends up creating a N-1 sides arch (even if the preview was ok) : - Impossible to create a Icosahedron with a radius > 10 units Thanks Yannick
  5. Hello, okay .. i have an idea that i think will improve the productivity pipeline immensely! some of us already requested bevel for edges and those stuff that effects geometry, but i noticed that the more details added to geometry the "harder" it will be to get back and start editing these details that already made to geometry! We already know that probuilder is a tool is made to be help to produce extra-fast results! and i think majority want to maintain this aspect! so my idea is to implement a main feature called smart geometry or smart detail.. this will literally a "game over" for third party modeling programs.. these details can be added, but they are not effecting main mesh geometry! they are like "mesh effects" that are visible, but not modifiable directly.. for example, if i want to have bevel on edges, i select edge/faces and apply it.. it will bevel but the effect is like fake geometry which is visible but Not selectable, while the effected geometry faces remains the same but becomes semi-transparent and still selectable! so now it will be more flexible! for example if i extrude the face connected to these edges, or add extra details, these effects will be applied auto- on the new added geometry! check attached pic if such system implemented, it will be future scaleable, like maybe adding wavy surfaces ,adding any pattern to faces that can repeat around faces just like textures.. people will start sharing these patterns, or maybe to have a template that actually applied to cube (sides, top and bottom patterns) it will be amazing experience.. my goal is to have most maintainable geometry.
  6. blondei

    Editor Window Problems

    As of recently, What ever I did, The bar at the top which changes the ProBuilder mode. It has been pushed upwards and overlaps the scene view options, The bar is unusable as the buttons below work instead. I have re-imported all the assets, and ProBuilder to no avail. It makes making levels nearly impossible. Please Help, Thanks In advance. Cheers, Blondei
  7. EvilAlienAlpha

    Prototype GUI offset problem

    Having a problem with the GUI for the "Top/Geometry" mode buttons being offset from the actual click area. Unity 4.3.3f1 Prototype 1.0.1/ r1877 Windows 7 Mode GUI buttons are offset from clickable area making it very difficult to change modes (images attached - red box is where the clickable area is). I've tried restarting, re-docking and positioning/re-sizing windows but no fix. Thanks