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Found 10 results

  1. gord0

    Runtime assistance

    Hi there, I'm on a project that is a sandbox instructors' tool for various airspace coordination scenarios (basically don't shoot down your own air support 101). The instructor can drag many things into the scene (various aircraft/artillery, marker gizmos, etc). One of the things they want to be able to do is mark "zones" in both the air and on the ground. Right now I've just put in some regular unity cubes with a 2 sided shader with transparency so they can see through them but also still see them when the camera is inside them. The user would just scale them as needed. The problem is they're still just scaled cubes. What they would like is the ability to make "corridors". So I back-engineered your example scene for extruding faces of a cube at runtime and the user can now resize the "zones" by extruding faces.... ....As it is right now I can only extrude entire faces, but I'm unable to branch off as is depicted in the image below. I'm not fully familiar with all the geometry terminology but I have gotten this far, would anyone be able to point me in the right direction or have examples of what I've described? I've been able to do it in the editor, but I need to know how to do it via C# at runtime. Any help is much appreciated PS I'm running Unity 5.6.2f1 and I don't have the liberty to change versions.
  2. leo_sasseron

    Extrude Problem Help

    I'm with a doubt, when i copy an object and extrude the faces from copy, the original has been affected too. Why this occur, sometimes i get extrude without any problem.
  3. I did a search but havn't found a solution. So, just quickly. I'm making a radio-telescope. - Made a wide cone, selected the base and Backspaced to remove. - I flipped the normals so now I have a nice radio-telescope shape. Problem is that it's invisible from below. - I tried to select all the faces and extrude them back a little. Bit that seems to extrude the Edges, not the faces. Please see screenshots. I have made a workaround of duplicating the dish, flipping the normals and placing the duplicate just below the main dish. My question is, is there a way to add 'visibility' (normals ?) to the back of a face ? Thank you.
  4. Just purchased ProBuilder, and right off the bat I have noticed the lack of thickness or backface on the extrude tool. As an example, I am trying to make an airplane fuselage, so I create a cylinder. But it needs to have faces on both the inside and the outside, and proper thickness to it. Using the extrusion tool, you can only push in or out the faces and the backfaces are not maintained, so it really isn't accomplishing anything useful for that situation. A workaround is to create a second cylinder, slightly larger and flip the normals. But it takes more time than I would like, compared to having a "thickness" or "maintain backfaces" check mark in the Extrude Faces dialog. Would also be helpful for turning planes into walls or floors with actual thickness.
  5. How do I scale while extruding a face on a mac. For the life of me ... I can't figure it out...
  6. Hi, so, I'm doing a tile based isometric game, and one of the incoming needs is to create a path, procedurally, while the player moves. Since it is a tile based game, the algorithm for it to work is not complex, but despite of the clarity of the API, I'm (REALLY) struggling to find the correct methods to do so. It all starts with a quad. It was made within the engine. The user in on top of this quad. He can only move forward, right, left or back. And so, he decides to move. Let's say he moves forward. ---------------THE ALGORITHM------------------- 1. Current Quad = The First Quad 2. Direction of Movement = Forward --- The loop --- 3. I get my Current Quad 4. Get all its edges 5. Find the edge that points to the direction of movement (?) 6. Extrude the edge in this direction (The API doesn't allow this, so I need to split into more steps) --- 6.1. Extrude the edge with 0 distance (returning the newly created edges) --- 6.2. Get the points of these edges (?) --- 6.3. Translate the points to the correct position 7. Get the new quad that was created with the extrusion (?) 8. Current Quad = this new quad 9. The player now choose other direction to move. Back to step 3 ------------------------------------------------------------- I marked with (?) the steps that I don't have a clue on how to do it. As you can see, it's only 3 steps that are missing from my master plan. Thanks =)
  7. 1PouchKangaroo

    Extruding 3 Sides

    Hello Everyone! Just got the ProCore bundle and am very excited to learn all of its features! Is there a particular way to extrude all sides of a shape except one? What i'm trying to do is increase the rectangle in the y axis but have the front not increase. Basically, i'm trying to make a cube room/large rectangle with the inside hollow but also have the front "empty" so the player can walk into it. I've previously made this by creating the border first and then would go around extruding the faces until it creates the border (so i'd create 3 sides and leave the last front side). I feel like there might be a more elegant way of doing this but am not too sure. Hope to get some feedback on how to easily do this or even learn of a new way of creating something like this again, efficiently. Cheers,
  8. Tommycore

    Extrude along spline

    Hi! Here we go, another feature request. Sorry for spamming them, but there are just so many ideas in my head... How about extruding a face (or multiple faces) along a spline? Put in an end scale, a twist, define your spline, hit GO and enjoy. Bonus points for reusable splines. Cheers!
  9. Allow scale-extrusion centered around individual faces in a selection rather than just around the group. The easiest way to demonstrate what I mean is to select the bottom face of the four legs on a chair and try to extrude in scale mode. Currently, the faces will be bent outward from the center of the chair, but if would be great to be able to tick a box that causes each face to extrude around its own center, allowing you to sculpt the four legs independently but at the same time. This eliminates the need to constantly recheck the math to make sure they are all identical. Here is a video demonstrating the issue:
  10. ian lett

    snapping when Extruding,

    Hi All, not sure where to go with this one so here I am, I am using probuilder 2 v187 and progrig 2 v154 and I cant seem to get extrusion to 'Snap' properly, no matter what I set the snap grid to I cant get it to work if I select a face or edge and hold down CTRL when I begging to extrude it only snaps at 1 meter if I hold down shift it is free moving with no snap at all so any help here would be most grateful Regards Ian