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Found 15 results

  1. Augusto

    Edge Glitch

    I' m making a interior skeleton scene and for that i create a cube and remove some parts for windows and flip normals to create a interior but i have this light stripes, what could be that ?
  2. PB doesn't have any delete edge or vertex features, so I'm wondering how I should go about doing something simple like turning this into a plane with just 1 face? I can select all four faces and merge faces, but that leaves all the vertices and edges behind and I can't delete them. How do I do this?
  3. sarahnorthway

    How to select one triangle

    Hi! I'm new to ProBuilder Advanced but I've been using QuickEdit for some time. In QuickEdit, vertex mode selects vertices, edge mode selects lines between two vertices, and face mode selects triangles. In ProBuilder, it seems that edge and face modes instead select groups of lines or triangles. How do I break shapes apart so that I can select individual triangles or lines rather than groups of them? Simple example: if I create a cube in Unity, "ProBuilderize" it, then switch to face selection mode and click on it, it selects a group of 2 triangles. I want to select only one of those two triangles so I can flip its normal. Is this possible? Real example: I want to tweak the mesh in the attached screenshot by subdividing, merging and extruding specific triangles, however the entire top has been ProBuilderized as one face made of 264 vertices. When I select that top face and click Subdivide faces, I get a warning "Triangulation failed - additional vertices were inserted" and a NullReferenceException. I'm seeing a lot of warnings, errors and strange behavior, making me think ProBuilder isn't compatible with my imported meshes and is intended for simpler quad-based shapes created with ProBuilder. Is this true - am I just using it wrong?
  4. Hello! As pictured (top scene view), I have created a cylinder for a pillar and made some face extrusions (along the face normal) for some detail. Now I wish to further manipulate the edges on said face - but the edges have a different forward direction to the face. Any edge work results in misaligned geometry relative to that initial extrusion. Sorry if this is a trivial issue - can anyone assist?
  5. It would be extremely useful for me to be able to see the length of edges in the scene view. I do a lot of work with overhead (look down) scenes and spend far too much time calculating distances between vertices. The lengths could also be shown as "vector distances" in new column in the Vertex Positions Editor window.
  6. For some reason to me it doesn't seem like edge select and vertex select is big enough. I have to really zoom into a edge to select it. Its kind of hard to select edges a lot of times is there any way i can make the selection handle for the edges and verts bigger? Also id like to change the color of the edges when they are selected. Also the transform/translate unity tool gets in the way of multiple edge selections where i cant select another edge because its in the way is there a way to make that handle smaller or temporarily hide it while I'm selecting? Finally Is there a quick way to like make a shell inside a model? I have a bunch of exterior building assets that id like to make have interiors. 3ds max has a shell modifier is there anything similar in probuilder? CJ, Thanks.
  7. propulsion

    Move vertex along the edge

    Something like this:
  8. Hi, so, I'm doing a tile based isometric game, and one of the incoming needs is to create a path, procedurally, while the player moves. Since it is a tile based game, the algorithm for it to work is not complex, but despite of the clarity of the API, I'm (REALLY) struggling to find the correct methods to do so. It all starts with a quad. It was made within the engine. The user in on top of this quad. He can only move forward, right, left or back. And so, he decides to move. Let's say he moves forward. ---------------THE ALGORITHM------------------- 1. Current Quad = The First Quad 2. Direction of Movement = Forward --- The loop --- 3. I get my Current Quad 4. Get all its edges 5. Find the edge that points to the direction of movement (?) 6. Extrude the edge in this direction (The API doesn't allow this, so I need to split into more steps) --- 6.1. Extrude the edge with 0 distance (returning the newly created edges) --- 6.2. Get the points of these edges (?) --- 6.3. Translate the points to the correct position 7. Get the new quad that was created with the extrusion (?) 8. Current Quad = this new quad 9. The player now choose other direction to move. Back to step 3 ------------------------------------------------------------- I marked with (?) the steps that I don't have a clue on how to do it. As you can see, it's only 3 steps that are missing from my master plan. Thanks =)
  9. Protozoaire

    Material issue with face mode

    - Windows 10 x64 - Unity 5.2.2f1 Personal - ProBuilder 2.4.11f0 1) If the face selection mode is activated (edge and vertex modes not tested), it's not possible to drag and drop a new material to a PB GameObject. 2) If we drag and drop the new material to the Mesh Renderer Component, it works ... but if we load the scene again and select the PB GameObject, the old material is back again :
  10. Hello! One feature that would save me many hours is the ability to snap an edge or a vertex to a surface. For example: I've created a table with tapered legs. I wish to add a support bar between them, flush against both sides. What I wish to create the rectangle for the support bar with the correct depth and height. Then, grab the top edge of the support bar's side and snap it to the side surface of the leg, then repeat the action on the bottom edge of the support bar's side, thereby conforming that side of the support bar to the slant of the leg. Unfortunately, the only method of which I am aware (if the legs are already tilted), is to repeatedly slice both legs until the division is at approximately the correct height for where I want the support bar to be, detach the edges where the support bar will connect, invert the normals of the detached surface, bridge all of the support bar's edges to create the bar, bridge the gaps on the legs to close them up, then piece by piece drag all of the unused leg vertexes and collapse them. On countless occasions, having a feature to simply drag a vertex, edge, or surface flush to another surface would have saved me an hour or more of work. I truly hope you will consider this feature! Also, if there is a better approach in the meantime, I would love to know it! Thank you in advance! Be well! - S.
  11. jackasquires

    Scaling Single Edge

    I'm trying to scale an edge but when I do I get the error "Array out of Bounds". This only happens if I have a single edge selected. If i have multiple edges selected it scales properly but with just one I always get this error message. Does probuilder just not support this? I've seen it before in probuilder tutorials so I'm not sure why mine doesn't work. I'm using the latest version of both Unity and Probuilder Unity 5 within the Procore bundle. Here is an image of what edge I am trying to scale, but this happens with any single edge I try to scale.
  12. Hello there, I'm having a weird problem with the latest version of ProBuilder (bought it some days ago, i've tried emailing probuilder but no answer as of now). The vertex handles and the edge handles don't seem to be appearing through geometry like I see in most tutorials and documentation I find about the program. I used Prototype to test the software for some days before and I was fascinated at how quickly I was able to move vertexes around by box selecting them through geometry (everything was working fine there). In the newest version I bought, however, the vertex handles show up as white (not blue) unselected and I can't see or select them through other geometry. I've attached a picture to show what I mean. In the left, you see the proper behavior I'd expect from your tool, in the right you can see my case. Some extra information: I also added ProTools' QuickEdit in the plugins I imported. I successfully upgraded to ProBuilder 2 from Prototype by following your upgrade guide and downloading the Upgrade Kit. Nothing out of the ordinary happened and it all seems to be working fine apart from my issue. I'm running Unity 5.0.2 atm and I have a 64 bit Windows 7 system. It's starting to becoming a nuisance since the more complex my scene gets the more I have to twist the camera around to get to the vertex handle I want. I upgraded to make the most use of the tool and speed up development but it seems I actually got a setback for now. I hope you can help me. I'd love to hear back from you soon, thank you.
  13. Hey All, I've been working on an extension the past couple days to automatically create borders around objects (as seen below). It's similar to the Quick Decal tool, but it actually creates a new pb_Object, so you can customize/edit the border after it's generated. It works by selecting the edges you want to create a border between (or using the ring tool), specifying a few parameters like top/bottom border, border height, material etc, and hitting generate. If anyone else would find this useful (or know of any similar tools) I can clean up the code and post it in this thread. I didn't have to modify the PB source, so it should be 100% standalone in a new .cs file. Click for video of tool in action: http://i.imgur.com/OFRTYKK.gifv and here's a quick example of a top border: For those of you curious how it works, it walks the edges in the order selected and generates new vertices as it goes (it will also do a raycast to find intersections if desired). Once all the points are generated, it calls pb_Object.CreateInstanceWithPoints(verts) to create the new shape, and then iterates all the points in the new object to extrude them slightly away from the wall. The UVs are generated seamlessly along the border too. One problem I haven't solved yet though, is if you select edges in the reverse order, the vertices get wound backwards and the border is facing inward. @karl Is there a good way to retrieve normals given an edge? If I could somehow compare the new object's normals with that of the original object, I could see if they were opposite, but unfortunately I haven't found a way to get reliable normals from the original edges.
  14. Select Loop does not seem to work on the edge of an object. As seen in the video, the first time I click "Loop" it works fine. When I select the edge of the object and click "Loop" again, it fails to find anything. Would be great if the tool could work in this situation too (seems like it should be possible to detect on the code side; however please let me know if it's not). Video: http://imgur.com/Z9282uB ProBuilder 2.4.3p1 (latest available as of this post) Windows 8.1, Unity 4.3 Pro Thanks!
  15. WillyWonka

    Preserve UV's?

    Is there any way to preserve UV's while moving edges or verts? I'm trying to create a twisty road with 3D sidewalks. I've created a simple road by adding loops to a 1x2 plane over and over again and moving them into position. For my test the road looks like a 90 degree turn going down hill. I then lined up the UV's how I wanted them and my road texture includes a sidewalk. Next I wanted to add depth to the sidewalks but I've hit a snag. I tried inserting a loop but it always centers to the face and that put the edge in the middle of the lane. Any attempt to move that edge destroys the UV's that I previously setup. Even destroying the UV's would be fine, if I could select the entire loop and move it along the edges similar to the way that Max/Maya can, but I can't seem to find any option for that either. What would you guys suggest? Take the sidewalk into account from the very beginning?