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Found 4 results

  1. First - LOVE PolyBrush. I use it and ProBuilder extensively in prototyping and level design, so I docked its tool window in a tab in the Unity Editor right next to ProBuilder for easy access - common stuff for most devs, right? If I leave this tab integrated like this, Unity will crash on load the next time I try to open up my project. The only way to get Unity to open my project is to delete the Library folder from it, forcing Unity to re-create all asset handles and project metafiles. It's not unrecoverable, but with all of the asset packs we have, a real time-killer! This has happened 3 times, with the only change made being the integration of PolyBrush as a tab in Unity. Even made a new empty project to try and reproduce the error, and it happens. Unity will load, open to a white screen, then crash within 3 seconds to the report generation dialog. Unity Environment: I'm using the latest PolyBrush Beta & ProBuilder from the Asset Store Unity 5.4.0f3 Open VR - HTC Vive System Config (if it helps): Intel i7-4790K 32GB RAM EVGA GTX970 FTW Windows 10 64 bit
  2. 1) ProBuilder Basic 2) Android application crashes on start 3) Windows 10, Unity3D 5.3.1p3, ProBuilder Basic 2.4.11f0, Android 4.4.2 4) Android application crashes on start scene with pb_Objects (simple cube) 5) Just start application on Android device
  3. Mario

    UnrapCL crash

    Hello Every time when trying to use ProBuilder 2.3.3p1, it crashes and I get the message "unrapCL has stoped working" this happens when the asset is being installed as well. Running on Win7Pro, 32gigs, 2x gtx 950. what could be the problem?
  4. We've been using prototype a lot and it's become a valuable tool. We're currently evaluating whether to switch to ProBuilder. We've run into a strange issue lately. One of our scenes features approximately 40 prototype objects. All are rather simple, with a tri count of about 12 to 50. Suddenly, the scene which contains these objects always crashes when we try to load it. This only happens on windows though. The last commit before this bug started appearing has been made from a Mac. The scene can still be viewed and edited just fine on all our Macs. Is this a known issue, and are there any workarounds? Any help would be greatly appreciated!