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Found 7 results

  1. I have stairs that are using a collider I build using procore. I started with a box collider and extruded it out into an L shaped stairs, basically three rectangles joined at their ends. In editor play mode my character scales up and down them fine. When I build however, the character slides down lower the half of the stairs like the stairs are made of ice. I have the collider object set to collider, not custom. In the editor it works fine. The upper half of the stairs works fine too..? I'm confused..? edit: well I exported the mesh as an obj and tried it and it still doesn't work so I guess it's not procore =o=
  2. 1) ProBuilder 2) CheckCapsule/Sphere/Etc don't register inside of ProBuilder colliders3) Unity 5.5.0f3 64b, Windows 7 64b, ProBuilder2-v2.6.5f0-unity55 4) If you create any arbitrary mesh with ProBuilder, and use the default collider setup (Mesh Collider, Convex = false, no other colliders attached), CheckCapsule will return False for capsules entirely within the ProBuilder collider. If it hits a face, CheckCapsule will return true as expected. Similarly, Unity primitives and meshes that I have generated with my own scripts (not using ProBuilder) work correctly, whether the capsule is entirely within the mesh collider or not. I have verified that the layermask is correct. I haven't checked if OverlapCapsule would work. This is a big issue for me, because my teleportation and mantling code both rely heavily on knowing whether a particular volume overlaps any colliders. 5) Create a 5x5x5 cube (or any other large volume), call CheckCapsule or CheckSphere entirely within that volume. It should return true, but it returns false. An easy way to test a large number of cases quickly would be to attach a script to a first person character controller that teleports you forward 2 units if you press a button and CheckCapsule (player position + 2 units forward) returns false. 6) This does not seem to be related to whether the mesh is fully enclosed or not, since it applies to both meshes I've created myself and to the Probuilder cube primitive.
  3. Mickman

    Glitchy FPS Mesh

    So, I've been using ProBuilder and love it, but I have one problem. When I use the Standard Assets FPS Controller, my character seems to bob up and down when walking and sometimes floats in mid air. If anyone has the same problem / had the same problem or knows what's wrong please help. Thanks!
  4. I'm so excited I just had to share. While learning ProBuilder, I created a silly dungeon level with its own mesh collider attached, about 2500 polygons. As a test, I dumped it out to an OBJ file using the export feature from PB. I imported that into Blender, and the ceiling, walls, and floor imported as three separate objects (just what I would have expected) in Blender's scene tree. In Blender, I joined those three objects into one, then did some "subdivide smooth" operations to round out all the corners, producing a medium-poly mesh at about 6000. I exported the result as an FBX file, then pulled that into Unity in the usual way. Inside Unity, I selected the Blender mesh prefab and asked PB to "ProBuilderize" it, which worked just fine. To my amazement after all that, PB still saw the three different materials, all mapped to the correct parts of the PB object! I used the "select all by material" in PB to reassign the materials onto the surfaces, and the result looked great. Now, back to my original PB object, I simply edited it in PB and made it "collider" instead of "detail", and voila! It was a low-poly collision mesh that precisely overlays the higher-poly Blender visual mesh in Unity. Here's a screen shot of the result. Don't laugh at the level design -- it's just a learning scene and will never go into a real game! The real textures aren't greenish, by the way -- that's a by-product of the collider overlay. And in case any other PB newbie is wondering, yes, PB works just fine with Substance procedural textures. I know from experience that round-trip tooling is really hard to achieve, and I'm frankly amazed at being able to get this working during my very first test project in a new tool. Kudos to the PB developers!
  5. I made a bounding box out of a probuilder cube, then I set it to Collider. The collider turns into the green mesh like it should. If I leave it visible, playing the game makes it invisible, but it collides like it should. I am pretty sure that is the normal behavior. But if, in the editor, I make it invisible, then it is both invisible and non-colliding when in play mode. What is the dealio? Unity 4.6.0f3, ProBuilder2-v2970, Windows 7 64 bit.
  6. Pvtctrlalt

    More than one collider

    Hi there how do i go about adding more than one collider? so that i can have a scaled trigger and a mesh collider collider that fits it because atm if i add a box collider is scales to the size of the object
  7. Using Itween to move a probuilder block back and forth - in Version 1877r The PB created blocks are only moving the collider, but the mesh actually just stays in place. It's as if, it does not update the drawing of the the object while moving. In the Scene window you can see the "Collider" moving back and forth just fine, while in game window nothing happens, it appear as if the block is standing there. Did a test, with the first person standard assets created a block, and made a script for it to move once a player collides with it. In the Scene view, it works fine and you can see the collider move, but not the mesh and in the game view, the player is colliding just fine, and once the collider has moved the player can walk "through" the block because the mesh has not been moved. A guess : Possible issue that the mesh is not attached to the PB object..