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Found 5 results

  1. I have a slight problem that I don't know how to fix! I applied textures to my Space Station and every texture renders correctly except for the antenna! Can anyone tell me where I went wrong and how I can correct it so I can continue?!
  2. I have the last probuilder and polybrush version. I use Unity 2017.1.2p3 It work on Unity But If run it on Android I was very excited about this tool and this discourages me a little. I hope it can be solved in a simple way because I canĀ“t continue working in my game.
  3. Hi, I use the material editor constantly and I'd love to be able to load different pallete sets of materials in the hotkeys slots I could for example, load a pallete of plaster walls, then swap to wood floors, then brick walls, etc It would save me a ton of time and seems easy to implement. Please consider this. Thanks!
  4. I just purchased ProCore after pulling my hairs out with Blender imports into Unity. Here is what I am trying to do. I have already spent a week on this. It seems like this should be straightforward with ProBuilder. I am trying to build a rounded cube to which I could dynamically apply textures on each face. Different textures on each face. (I can do this with a regular cube with 24 vertices). It is the rounded cube which poses several problems. Here is what I have tried so far: 1. Develop a rounded cube in Blender. 2. Import the cube into Unity and dynamically set the faces, vertices, uvs, normal in code. As you can imagine there are at least 192 vertices, 384 triangles etc for the smallest bevel. I gave up after a while. You have to code the triangle vertices etc in the right order otherwise things mess up easily. I emailed support and they asked me to post on the forums. Someone from Dev (Karl?) would look into it. Thanks Syed
  5. Hello Together, I wanted to texture some objects created with the Shape Tool (mainly cube+prism) using UV as I want e.g. the cube to have different textures on each facing. As this is not possible and each side has the same texture (correct me if I am wrong) I exported a cube using the ExpObj script, gave it a UV Mapping in Blender and reimported it again. The imported model is without the procore functions now and any attempt to insert them resulted in a reset of the UV mapping. I would need a possibility to use the procore editing functions for the new object or to give the Shape Tool objects different textures for each facing. Could you give me any advice? Thank you in advance