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Found 5 results

  1. Saint0120

    QuickBrush wont paint

    I looked around but couldn’t find an answer so need to ask it here. Quick Brush doesn’t seem to work for me at all right now. Ill press ctrl-click/drag but nothing happens. I have the prefab in the right places and everything is in the right place but it just won’t work. I updated it and used it in a new project but still won’t work. I don’t think my Unity version is the problem because the one I have at home and the one at school are two different versions but it won’t work in either one. I opened up an older project that used an older version of Quick Brush and it still worked in that one so I have no idea what’s wrong. This is very annoying actually because I have two scenes due in a few days and Quick Brush was going to make this go much faster, but having it not work right now is extremely frustrating.
  2. Hello. I bought QuickBrush because it seems like a perfect fit for decorating a desert environment I'm working on. Only problem is that it is not accepting any prefabs for whatever reason (here is a video showing that issue). I do realize that the asset is a little bit dated however according to reviews it seems to work just fine with Unity 5. Hope we can get this fixed .
  3. Tswiggs

    QuickBrush missing thumbnails

    Hi, I've been using QuickBrush quite a bit and I love it. It has this annoying habit of only showing preview thumbnails for like 1/5 of the prefabs loaded in it. I'm using Unity 5.2 if that helps.
  4. platform: Mac OSX Unity version: 5.1.1 tool: QuickBrush QuickBrush can not paint continuously, I have to click mouse every time when I want to add new object. In Unity4.6, it work fine.
  5. after importing quickbrush this error appears in console and its menu doesnot show up in Tools Assets/ProCore/QuickBrush/Editor/qb_Painter.cs(1181,71): error CS0117: `Tools' does not contain a definition for `current'