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Found 6 results

  1. Kubinna

    Platform builder

    Hello, I am creating 2D mobile game, where will player create own platforms on which will be moved fluid. From testing I found, that in 3D I have better fluid physic and performace, so I decided create this game in 3D, but use camera in 2D view and I want use your asset to build platforms. Platforms will be: Straight -> blocks Combined with other platforms -> no spaces between neighboring platforms Every platform could be erased Player will create platform from first click to mouse position or position where was released mouse button Creating of platforms by player (own script): As first thing I am calculating angle between two points (first mouse button click and release button position or mouse position in drag) Via this angle I will calculate edge points by given height of block (for me in 2D it is width -> variable widthLine) Using function CreateShapeFromPolygon Platform is created angleDeg = Mathf.Atan2(platform.secondPoint.x - platform.firstPoint.x, platform.secondPoint.y - platform.firstPoint.y); points = new Vector3[4]; points[0] = new Vector3(platform.firstPoint.x + widthLine * Mathf.Cos(angleDeg), platform.firstPoint.y - widthLine * Mathf.Sin(angleDeg), 0f); points[1] = new Vector3(platform.secondPoint.x + widthLine * Mathf.Cos(angleDeg), platform.secondPoint.y - widthLine * Mathf.Sin(angleDeg), 0f); points[2] = new Vector3(platform.secondPoint.x - widthLine * Mathf.Cos(angleDeg), platform.secondPoint.y + widthLine * Mathf.Sin(angleDeg), 0f); points[3] = new Vector3(platform.firstPoint.x - widthLine * Mathf.Cos(angleDeg), platform.firstPoint.y + widthLine * Mathf.Sin(angleDeg), 0f); platformObject.GetComponent<pb_Object>().CreateShapeFromPolygon(points, m_Height, m_FlipNormals); Combining of platforms: If player click on created platform from side where he clicked will be created another platform Not combine objects like this (on center -> use last point of created object): Combine objects without any spaces like this:(because player can drag with second platform, it must be dynamic generated by mouse position) Problems: Is there some chance how create this platforms easily than how I am creating them now? (point -> Creating of platforms by player (own script)) Is there is some posibillity how combine objects without any spaces? I tried calculate it by angles and distances, but it is not precisely and very hard. Not solved yet by math. Is function CreateShapeFromPolygon good for use on this problem or is some better function? In combine of objects, objects can´t overlap, because in overlap area will be maybe another shade? If platforms will don´t have overlap areas, and one object will be erased, combined object must be edited to basic shape. Thank you very much for your time and help!
  2. leo_sasseron

    Extrude Problem Help

    I'm with a doubt, when i copy an object and extrude the faces from copy, the original has been affected too. Why this occur, sometimes i get extrude without any problem.
  3. To reproduce this, here are the steps: 1. open a new scene 2. import the latest polybrush 0.9.10b0 using unity 5.5.0f3 3. make a cube. scale it out and flaten to make the floor in the scene - set it to static 4. make a regular sized cube so it is casting a shadow on the floor (choose a non zero location like 2 meters away from zero). Paint half of this cube with a transparent color and the other with a solid. Set this to static as well. Close the polybrush window. 5. Set the sunlight to "bake". Wait for your scene to bake that shadow into the floor. 6. Hit play. Your cube mesh will appear somewhewere else while your collider of the cube stays in place. Doesn't matter what shader. They all seem to do the same. I am using Windows10 I even redownloaded polybrush right before typing this. Same result. Also, here is a video: https://youtu.be/ECh7duN1u7g - Mack
  4. I made a bounding box out of a probuilder cube, then I set it to Collider. The collider turns into the green mesh like it should. If I leave it visible, playing the game makes it invisible, but it collides like it should. I am pretty sure that is the normal behavior. But if, in the editor, I make it invisible, then it is both invisible and non-colliding when in play mode. What is the dealio? Unity 4.6.0f3, ProBuilder2-v2970, Windows 7 64 bit.
  5. Mischa.Silden

    2D snapping problem

    I posted this on facebook a couple of days ago. When you grab multiple sprites (in this case 4) and move them, ProGrids doesn't know what to do. I'm using the latest Unity Store version. I can't work like this. Dragging and dropping one sprite at a time is way too time consuming.
  6. blondei

    Editor Window Problems

    As of recently, What ever I did, The bar at the top which changes the ProBuilder mode. It has been pushed upwards and overlaps the scene view options, The bar is unusable as the buttons below work instead. I have re-imported all the assets, and ProBuilder to no avail. It makes making levels nearly impossible. Please Help, Thanks In advance. Cheers, Blondei