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Found 2 results

  1. I have an older Unity 4.6 project I'm updating to Unity 5. The Unity 4.6 project has Prototype ver 2.4.3p0 rev 3216 (date: 03-13-2015). I'm attempting to bring it up to date in Unity 5.6 with the latest ProBuilder Basic 2.8.1f0. On first attempts, I tried to follow some of the instructions for updating but I cannot get past missing scripts referenced on all my Prototype game objects. That included both deleting and importing the new package; and also leaving the folder and importing the package. ProGrids 2.4.1f0 is also installed. There are no other errors in the console. Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions on how to successfully update. Cheers
  2. i tried ProBuilder (Prototype) a few months back and it worked like a charm then. Today I downloaded the latest version 2.4.11f0 but notice some lag when extruding. the scene view constantly freezes for a second or two while extruding faces. also the faces texture changes to horizontal lines when being extruded which never happened previously. has anyone else experienced these issues? system specs: macbook air yosemite 2013 with Unity 5.3.4 personal + probuilder basic 2.4.11f0. was thinking of upgrading to pro during the community sale but not sure if its my system that's causing the lag or is it pb? everything else works well without any lag. i use blender and there's no such problem. appreciate the help, thanks!