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Found 2 results

  1. 1PouchKangaroo

    Extruding 3 Sides

    Hello Everyone! Just got the ProCore bundle and am very excited to learn all of its features! Is there a particular way to extrude all sides of a shape except one? What i'm trying to do is increase the rectangle in the y axis but have the front not increase. Basically, i'm trying to make a cube room/large rectangle with the inside hollow but also have the front "empty" so the player can walk into it. I've previously made this by creating the border first and then would go around extruding the faces until it creates the border (so i'd create 3 sides and leave the last front side). I feel like there might be a more elegant way of doing this but am not too sure. Hope to get some feedback on how to easily do this or even learn of a new way of creating something like this again, efficiently. Cheers,
  2. Hey All, I've been working on an extension the past couple days to automatically create borders around objects (as seen below). It's similar to the Quick Decal tool, but it actually creates a new pb_Object, so you can customize/edit the border after it's generated. It works by selecting the edges you want to create a border between (or using the ring tool), specifying a few parameters like top/bottom border, border height, material etc, and hitting generate. If anyone else would find this useful (or know of any similar tools) I can clean up the code and post it in this thread. I didn't have to modify the PB source, so it should be 100% standalone in a new .cs file. Click for video of tool in action: http://i.imgur.com/OFRTYKK.gifv and here's a quick example of a top border: For those of you curious how it works, it walks the edges in the order selected and generates new vertices as it goes (it will also do a raycast to find intersections if desired). Once all the points are generated, it calls pb_Object.CreateInstanceWithPoints(verts) to create the new shape, and then iterates all the points in the new object to extrude them slightly away from the wall. The UVs are generated seamlessly along the border too. One problem I haven't solved yet though, is if you select edges in the reverse order, the vertices get wound backwards and the border is facing inward. @karl Is there a good way to retrieve normals given an edge? If I could somehow compare the new object's normals with that of the original object, I could see if they were opposite, but unfortunately I haven't found a way to get reliable normals from the original edges.